June 6

TenderHill Wizarding School For The Gifted Year 1 Part 2

     “This spell is very basic. It is used to levitate items or for some odd reason if you needed to, float a human or animal.” Say it with me,Levitotion.” “Levitotion!” the class echoed back at him.“So , what’s you’re name Megan?” questioned Connor  “Really you just said it.”She replied  “Oh ya I di- “PAY ATTENTION, THIS SPELL MIGHT JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE SOME DAY!” Screamed prof. Terraced  “So anyway do you wanna sit next to me at lunch today?” questioned Connor “Not a chance creep.” replied Megan  “Then I’ll just sit by you.”  Connor thought. Luke and Ashton giggled.  Lunch time finally came.  Luke and Ashton sat together like always, and waited for Connor.   But then they found out that Connor wasn’t kidding, they looked down the table and saw Connor sitting next to Megan. And to there surprise she was laughing hysterically. But then all of the sudden people in black robes came swooping in on flying donkeys


Connor, Ashton and Luke all stood up and yelled  “Levitotion.” they took out all three men by making them fly from the car into a wall. The headmaster, which was a tall man with a stubby nose. He  had spectacles with a tall jet black hat.  “Luke, I would like to see you in my office.” “But Connor, and Ashton also helped use the spell outside of class.” mumbled Luke.” “Then I would like to see you all in my office.” As the three of them trotted down the long hall beside the headmaster, they horrible thoughts, such as “Will we be expelled or suspended.”  All of the sudden, a huge fire starts, and the fire alarms go off everyone left the school.  And the whole school was destroyed.  You say what happens next. 

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