October 28

Luke Parker Part 3

  IF YOU HAVEN’T READ LUKE PARKER 1 AND 2 GO READ THAT BEFORE YOU READ THIS.http://blog.elanco.org/bryanbbz1/ or go to this blog http://blog.elanco.org/groff67c/ By clicking on this link. In this part we have special permission to use another author’s characters Harvey and Jonathan.The Arthur, Parker my brother. They are two detectives who are investigating a case with the Parker family. Enjoy!          

    Back at home it has been one week. Luke’s Mom was worried. They had only been there for a couple days to Luke and his dad. But I guess time moved differently in the world were Luke and His Dad were in. In the real world with the family it was 3:00 pm Saturday and were Luke and his Dad were it was 12:00 A.M Thursday. Luke’s mom calls the FBI. “Please help I can’t find my husband or my son. The last time I saw them they were going out the door on a fishing trip and that was one week ago. They NEVER returned,” “ Please come over to my house at 6:00 p.m today my house is on Backpack Street and my address is 1921.”

Then Luke’s Mom heard the doorbell ring.  She went to open it and she saw two young children who looked to be no older than 13 years old. “Hello”, Luke’s mom asked the children. She didn’t know who exactly they were.  “Hi my names Jonathan, said the boy. This is my sister Harvey we were the detective you requested.’ “ I never requested detectives. I called the FBI not two children!” “We understand that you are concerned. But we are more than qualified to find your husband and son.” Luke’s mother was very puzzled. She was confused, she thought she was talking going to be  25 year old people not 10 year old children. “ So which lake did they go to?” “They went to the congogo lake.”

Harvey and Jonathan were on there way to the lake and trying to look casual while doing it. When they arrived there they realized that the lake was no more. The lakes water was nowhere to be found.  The water was nowhere to be seen. There was no trace of evidence. “ What happened?” Said Harvey with the highest pitched voice Jonathan had ever heard. “Well there was a sighting of a water tornado” Said Jonathan. The pond had a ditch in the middle. The ground beneath them started to shake. Harvey and Jonathan were sucked down into the earth.

 To Be Continued………

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4 thoughts on “Luke Parker Part 3

  1. stern338

    Hi Connor! I really enjoyed reading Luke Parker Part 3. But I don’t understand why when in the 1st paragraph you put another set of quotation marks when the mom was still speaking. That sort of confused me. Also, shouldn’t Congogo Lake be capitalized? I wonder what is going to happen next. How many parts are going to be in this story?
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    Please visit http://blog.elanco.org/stern338/
    Have a great day! 🙂

  2. keeport016

    I really like how you let us hanging because now I really want to like to read Luke Parker number 4. I do wish that it was a little longer like the other Luke Parker’s. I wonder if they end up in the same place that Luke and his dad ended up at. Happy blogging.

  3. bryanbbz1 (Post author)

    Thanks for reading the story. I like to free write. You might be surprised to find out when we bring them back.


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