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TenderHill Wizarding School For The Gifted Year 1 Part 1

Connor,Luke and Ashton were all young apprentices in Tenderhill school of magic.  Ashton and Connor were in the class of black magic, and Luke was practicing in magic. Incase you aren’t familiar with these classes. Black magic is done with your hands, but magic is done with a wand, and words.  But there is a type of Purple Magic.  A magic above all others.  Well here is the story.  “ Come on Connor were going to be late for class!!!” said Ashton “Alright I’m coming. Let me get on my robes.”  just like that Connor appeared at the door way with a flick of his fingers. “Come on Luke!”  “YOU FORGOT YOUR SPELL BOOKS CONNOR” said Ashton  “I’ll see you guys later I guess.” Said Luke  “Hey Connor you promised I could practice on you tonight.”  “NO NO NO YOU CAN’T CONNOR, you know that we will get a major yelling if a magic spell, touches a person that is uses black magic” said Ashton  “Then go ahead and switch, But you’ve got to do a series of rituals.” replied Connor.   


“Well I’m going to class, oh no, he is here!” Shouted Ashton “WHO IS HERE!?!” questioned Connor  “Trey is here, you know the one who uses PURPLE MAGIC!!!”  “He has normal magic, black magic, and psychic ability!” answered Ashton. “Sorry to ruin the party guys but I’m out of here, Going to switch classes.” said Luke, anxiously.  “Why are you people out of class ANYWAY, you better get down, or…”he was cut off by the three of us scrambling out of the room and down the hall.  “HEY YOU CAN’T ESCAPE ME!  TELEMNIA!”  Poof! He teleported right to them. Then with a flick of his wrist he petrified us, right there.  “Now I have proof of your misbehaving problems . Should I say that you were messing around with magic and accidentally petrified yourselves. That’s a nifty way to get expelled isn’t it.”  “Year 2 spells aren’t that good. TELEMNIA is year 2? Wow!”  “Ya but when you use them right.” said trey slyly  Do you even know what year I am, year 5!”  “That’s it, ABRAKADABRA!” Yelled Luke  PEW! A magic bolt shot right at Trey.  “Wow worst spell in the book.”


“That doesn’t even AFFECT me anymore! I used a counter spell for that on me 2 years ago. No more electrocution for 4 hours straight.” said Trey.  “I’m sorry young wizards, but now it’s time to die. Just kidding, I will save that for latwersaz …”  “WHAT DO YOU THINK you’re DOING! YOU GET THREE GET TO CLASS!” said  up with  Professor Terrace.  Trey used an invisibility spell on himself, so he wouldn’t get caught.  “Turn your spell books to page 447.”  Said Prof.Terence.  “Today we will learn a new charm, the invisible shield charm.  Now you will be practicing this spell all seven years, because the more years you use this spell, the more powerful it becomes.  Now I will

put you into groups of 2.”  


All said by Prof.Terence.  “Oh shoot, who’s going to be with me?” Questioned Connor. “If Luke and Ashton are partnered, than who am I with?” Connor asked Prof. Terrace.  “You will be partnered with Megan Minkowski                                                                                                                                                .” he replied.  “This could work.”

To be continued…

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  1. keeport016

    I love this story after all I helped you write. It’s like the best story I have ever read. My mind was blown by the creativity in the story. Everyone else should read this story.


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