January 6

The True Story Behind The Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Wof

 Sometimes the local animals wonder what my reasons were for trying to eat those three devilish pigs. I don’t know why my story is told above all others when a hungry gray wolf tried to eat some pigs. But the truth is it wasn’t that complicated. I had been traveling for days to meet my mother who was very ill. And hadn’t eaten. I was too hungry to go on. I slumped down by a great big oak and started to snore. I was woken by a pounding sound. Pound,pound,pound over and over again. I looked up and was delighted to see a plump purplish pig who was building a house of great big twigs -by the looks of it-.And by the looks of it the pig was not male. A young female who had her back turned on me. My belly grumbled and I couldn’t resist. I slowly crouched and advanced on the pig. I was about to pounce when she noticed me and slammed the door too the barely finished house in my face. “Let me in.” I said “Not by the hair on my head.” she said  


“Little piggy I’m just a salesman. Just because I’m a wolf doesn’t mean I’m going to consume you. That is a very rude generalization.”I announced in a convincing voice. “There are many other animals around you and if I was hunting for lunch at this time of day I would be insane. Now may I come in?” “Promise I won’t be a appetizer!”she said in a shaky voice. “Why yes. You have my word.”I said slipping through the front door. We sat at two chairs that she took off her moving trailer. But I couldn’t take it anymore I pounced! In and out of the building up and down. “Brother!” she hollered up the the bamboo house on the top of the hill. This time a skinny fellow emerged from the house and was coming down the hill. I chased the female pig back into the house and the brother saw me pounding on the door. And he scurried right back to his bamboo house. “I’ll single handedly take this house apart twig by twig!” I shouted through the window in the door. So I started with the front and eventually there was a gaping hole for a door. I lunged forward and missed her. She ran in between my legs and up the hill and to her brothers house.  


They locked the door and I overheard their conversation. “Are you ok Angie?” said the thin pig “Yes Jack.”said Angie. I then thought if this was worth all the trouble, but I realized that it was. My grandma needs a nice pig for her illness. She deserves no less. I will get her a nice pig so we may dine together. “Oh, little piggy, little piggy would you grant me permission to enter.” I said hoping they would forget what happened down the hill. “Not by the hair on my head!” they both yelped in fear. “Let me in or I’ll take this house apart bamboo stalk by bamboo stalk.”I hollered in. But they didn’t let me in so I started the same process again. But shure enough they slipped right through his legs. And ran up another hill and into a concrete house. It towered above every house you could imagine. Once again another brother was alerted. “Fin a fierce wolf is after us!” “Hide in the bomb shelter I’ll handle this.” The two scurried off down a lit hall and out of sight.     


“Please leave and never come back. These are my siblings and I will defend them. Go you foul beast!” said Fin triumphantly. “ I will take this-” I was cut short by my thoughts. This house is concrete. And all one marvelous yet sturdy piece. It had huge columns emerging from the ground and gargoyles perched upon the front door. I would live here myself if I could. But anyway I started to scratch and scratch at the locked door until finally there was a chunk the size of a bee that was out of the door. “I give up!”  I said slumped over and trotting towards the wolf only village in the distance.   


!Present Time!


“Do you all have your answers” I announce as the animals herd off

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6 thoughts on “The True Story Behind The Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Wof

  1. stoudt296

    Hi! It’s Taryn and I like you story vary much and I wonder if you’ll make more and I wish you would make more with more excitement like if the pigs would get eaten! Or there was a shock wave or something but I hope you will keep coming to my blog and I liked your story a lot! “Bye!”

  2. Thomas

    Wow Conner! Your story is very Intriguing in my opinion. This is way more interesting than listening or reading the three pigs and the big bad wolf. Hope you create more intriguing stories like this or create a series.


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