May 25

Week 10 Blog Challenge

                    Blog Challenge Q&A


Q=How many posts did you write?

A=I have written 77 posts in all.  


Q=How many school based,own interest based or blog posts do you have?

A= 38 School posts and 23 own interest.


Q= How many comments have you gotten?

A= I have gotten 78 comments.


Q= What post had the most comments and why do you think it got that many comment?  

A= My Japan infographic got the most comments because it was the one me and my mentor talked back and forth on.


Q= Which post do you enjoy writing the most and why?

A= I like The Unlucky Fortune and Luke Parker stories best. I like them best because I get to talk and hang out with friends while getting work done.


Q=Did you change blog themes and why did you if you did?

A= I changed my blog them because I couldn’t put widgets on the side bar with that theme.


Q= Do you have too many or too little widgets?

A= I have 13 widgets. I think I have just the right amount because people won’t come if you have nothing interesting on your sidebar but you also don’t want them to pay all their attention to the sidebar and not your stories.


Q=How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

A= I have 4 students on my blogroll.


Q= What types of web tools do you use?

A= My web tools include videos,images and a class pet.

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