November 18

Luke Parker Part 5

If you haven’t read part one two three or four I CAUTION YOU TO DO SO WRITE NOW. CLICK ON THESE LINKS TO DO SO

The Dark One emerged from the tent. It appeared that he had Luke in his arms. The Dark One circled around the back of the natives camp and snuck out the back. In the morning Luke’s father woke “MY SON! MY SON! HE IS MISSING! WHERE IS HE?!!” The natives came crashing into the tent.  Luke’s dad looked horrified and so confused.  He thought that Luke was playing a trick on him.  If Luke was playing a trick on him and he wasn’t hurt he would be after he sees his dad.  He was mad like when a bull would see red. The natives gave Luke’s dad a paper that said “ what is your name?” “ My name is Carson. He never would have disappeared like this. Especially in the situation.” Luke’s dad emerged from the tent quickly and sped around the camp. “Son!” he shouted along the way.

One of the natives shouted and Luke’s dad sprinted that way. He saw a branch that had Luke’s shirt fabric and a black cloak fabric that had been snagged. A couple paces forward he saw another piece of clothing that had been snagged, he then saw that it was a trail that was made by clothing that had been snagged off. He gathered a couple wooden spears, and wrapped them in cloth so they don’t splinter. He brought two natives with him and together they followed the cloth throughout the island’s complex pathways.

About a half hour into the hike the trio looked up. They saw liquid dripping from the tree. It was dark red. Luke’s dad feared the future, But was relieved to find out that it was a monkey, eating one of the islands fruits. The monkey looked down at them. It was the size of a gorilla that had grown a little too much. It seemed to stare for at least five minutes. “ Sort of like Luke when he would stare out into the grassy field as they drove by.” he thought He knew it was cause Luke wanted to be free to live and not cramped up in a house that wasn’t supposed to fit 4 people. Suddenly the monkey came crashing to the ground. The tree snapped. No surprise that the tree couldn’t hold a 500-600 pound monkey. The monkey thought it was their fault. He got to his feet before chasing them. And so the race began. Thumps came from the forest. The oversized monkey was breaking the trees in half while he pounded through the forest “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE” shouted Luke’s father as he took a sharp turn and stopped immediately. A 1,000- 2,000 foot drop off. Certain death.

To Be Continued…..

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2 thoughts on “Luke Parker Part 5

  1. graham31w

    Hi Connor! I really like how it was super funny where they screamed RUNFORURLIFE because it was really funny. When is Luke Parker Part 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 coming out? I love to read the Luke Parker stories!!! When are they going to go to their home and escape the island?
    From, Ashlyn

  2. bryanbbz1 (Post author)

    thanks for the comment but I can’t spoil anything about future events that my or may not happen. But please keep reading the series.


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