November 16

Lulu The Amazing Life Saving Pig

LuLu: The Amazing, Life Saving Pig!

                                                  By: Maggie M. and Connor B.

This is a story about a pot-belly pig who saved her owner’s mother’s life. On the morning of August 4th 1998, the mom had suffered a heart attack. This pig was so loyal. And if it had been in a more modern time and had been recorded, well the internet would have gone CRAZY with the bravery of this pig.

The mom suddenly dropped to the floor. Lulu cried for a minute in her pig kind of way. Lulu then went outside through the door that had been  installed for the dog. She called it the doggy/piggy door. No one in a 5 house span was home. {Most likely at work.} She cried out again. Just before jumping in the air with a brilliant idea.    

She ran out onto the street and jumped up and down, waiting. No car came. She glanced to the right and laid down.The car raced over her. She was terrified and scampered back onto her front lawn. But she knew what had to be done and she went back onto the road and laid down once more. Then she saw a car coming up in her lane. It didn’t stop. It just went around the pig and honked their horn. LuLu was getting discouraged but she didn’t stop. First though she had to check on her owner.

But something else came racing down the road. It was a motorcycle! LuLu quickly laid down and the motorcycle came to a halt. The driver hopped off thinking LuLu was dead, but LuLu sprung up into the air. The driver followed her because this pig looked like she was serious. Then he went inside to find a woman lying on the ground having a heart attack. In one minute the man had dialed 911 and the next minute there was a ambulance crashing down the street towards the house.     

You will be happy to know that the woman survived. And that was all one pig. Just think of what animals can do. They can have the courage that that little pig had. Also the pig was rewarded. Can you guess what he was rewarded with? His favorite food in the world…………….. a jelly donut.

If you haven’t done so yet click on the Pig link above for 24 amazing animal stories and the LuLu link for more facts on the amazing pig LuLu.

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  1. khalaf

    My name is Khalaf, I’m in Qatar international school. I heard of that story before. I liked how you used lots of adjective. You could you more adverbs


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