November 18

Luke Parker Part 6

If you haven’t read Luke Parker Part 1,2,3,4, or 5 please do so now by going up to the search box in the top right of the page and look up Luke Parker. I’ve brought back Harvey and Jonathan. Please enjoy the story.

As the three were trapped between the cliff and the angry monkey they started to sweat. In 10 seconds they would either be a monkey’s lunch or a pancake. They all refused to jump, but at the same time wanted to. The monkey was one step away when he stopped. But didn’t walk away. Instead he grabbed the three and hugged them. “Aren’t you a lonely monkey. You fruit face.” said Carson [ Luke’s father].The monkey trotted away with the three in his arms back to what seemed to be a cave in the side of a mountain. The three heard voices coming from deep within the cave. “ Hello .” said the voices as they echoed through the cave. The monkey handed a tiny torch to Carson.

He walked a bit further into the cave and saw two young children. A boy and a girl. Not much over 12 by the looks of it. They were wearing the same hat. But one blue and one purple. The boy wore a plaid jacket over a silver shirt with sweatpants that were quite skinny on him. And some red shoes. The girl wore a blue tights and a pair of boots with a purple dress.  “What’s your name? Asked the boy “ Carson Parker.” He said aloud. “ Are you the father of Luke Parker?” said the girl with a smile on her face.

“Why yes.” said Carson “I’m Jonathan, and this is my sister Harvey.” Said the boy “Your wife, I assume, called us, the skilled detectives, to help her find her missing family members. We investigated your stream that you fished in but were sucked into the ground and woke up here. Bo, as I Harvey likes to call him, took us in and fed us.” “ Do you know how to get off this island? And please say you have seen my boy. I woke this morning and he was gone.” Said Carson “I could.” said Harvey “But then I’d be lying. But if it makes you feel better. Sure I’ve seen him.” “Harvey! That obviously doesn’t make him feel better! No but I’m sure he’s fine.” Protested Jonathan. Bo then grabbed everyone in the room and covered their mouths. A colony of bats came zooming past

There was nothing but one long, no doubt strong, gust of wind. All the wings flapping could power a dozen wind turbines. When the quarrel past the Bo released them from his arms.” Are you okay Jonathan? How many fingers am I holding up?” Said Harvey [ If you Haven’t noticed yet, Harvey is the goofy one and Jonathan is the books all day type.] “ I’m not that scared of bugs. “he said “CREEPY CRAWLY!!!!!” Shouted Harvey  “AAAAAHHHHH” Shouted Jonathan back “ Yes you are” she said with a smile. All of the sudden the bats were back and there were no mosquitoes, ONLY HUNGRY BATS!! Everyone ran to the back of the cave and the Bo continuously swatting at the bats. Jonathan hid in the back of everyone. The pounding of Bo’s fists soon made the cave’s entrance collapse. The group of people and a oversized monkey were trapped in a cave that was filled with HUNGRY bats.

To Be Continued….

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