October 21

The Unlucky Fortune Part 6

The Unlucky Fortune Part 6

If you haven’t read part 1,2,3,4 or 5 please do so first, or you will be confused


“Because we don’t need them anymore. Let them go NOW.” said Connor trying to sound as much like Izabella as he could. “You sound different, and why are you so intuitive about letting them go? How about this. If I see that you have Jackson than I will let them go.” replied Olivia. “Can’t you trust me?” said Connor. Here I will put him on facetime so you can see him. “Jackson come here.”  So when she saw me she was convinced. We hung-up after that. As we celebrated Izabella got back up. She took the phone right out of Connor’s hand and and dialed up Olivia again.


She yelled at the top of her lungs and said “ DON’T LET THEM GO!!”   Olivia replied and said “ I already let them go. It’s too late. But why did you why did you tell me to let me go just a second earlier.”  “Can’t you tell my british accent from Connor’s accent? That was Connor who called you!”  


Later that day we were on a quest to join Ashton and Owen as they raced down the street and found them running towards us. We knew that they were getting closer to figuring out the number one secret of my fortune. The secret is that I only get my fortune when I get to a certain age. We caught up with Owen and Ashton and as we were running away from Izabella. Owen said “Where should we go?” I replied “Away from Izabella.” As we were running Izabella was catching up with us because she could run faster than us. Then as we were running Connor suggested “Should we split up and meet somewhere?”


Ashton replied “Yea, at the park.” “Ok.” yelled everybody. As we split Izabella stopped. She didn’t know who to follow. Then I looked back and saw Izabella on my tail. I was soon at the park so I picked up a rock and threw it at her. I hit her right in the stomach. She dropped to the ground as I kept running. As we got to the park we decided to go to my house. On the train ride home we fell asleep. As soon as I got home I told my Dad we needed him to help us get away from Izabella. Then he took us to his car and we drove far far away from Izabella. We didn’t have much time because we knew Izabella would find us. So we had to stop for gas on the way their and I was hungry so I went inside to grab a snack but I swear the cashier looked familiar. But Connor and Owen said she didn’t so I just let it go. We were back on the road and a car was following us the whole time. That’s when I started getting suspicious.


I thought for a while and I still could not think who this person would be until Ashton yells “ GUY’S IT’S OLIVIA AND IZABELLA!” “We have to loose them” I replied.  We made a sharp turn as we were flying down the highway. But then all the sudden we hear cop sirens and tells us to pull over. When we did, the police officer looked familiar but I didn’t recognize her at all. Owen whispered something in my ear and he said  “The police officer is Izabella and Olivia, think” I replied “ Yeah it is, Uh oh. Step on it.” “Oh no you don’t.” Yelled Olivia


To Be Continued….       

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