October 14

Luke Parker Part 2


Luke’s head shot up. It appeared to be a beach around the outside with a big rock formation blocking them from the middle of the island. He looked all around. Where was he? Why was he there? And how was he going to get back to his family? At least he had his dad. “Alright buddy we have got to find shelter,food and water fast,” says my dad. He looked as if he was about to cry. “ We can do this.” I say with confidence “ And all we have to do is boil some water to get rid of the germs and drain it to get the salt out of. We’re on a island in the middle of the ocean next to WATER. Oh ya did I mention the part about US BEING STRANDED!” Luke and his father traveled the sandy shore for what seemed like hours. They eventually spotted a path off shore. The path was a narrow walkway between the rock. Kind of like a earthquake hit and mad a big crack in the formation. Wait maybe there was a earthquake, and that was how they got there. The whirlpool knocked them out and they floated in the ocean to be washed up onto shore.

“Dad I figured it out. A earthquake knocked us out, made the crack in the rock and washed us up on shore!” “ Luke that’s brilliant!” said his dad with a voice that Luke had thought meant I understand more. But even if they knew how they got there that still doesn’t change that Luke and his father still missed their family. After about a half hour we decided that it was getting dark and they needed shelter.So they slowly made their way through the narrow pathway. We made it out of the narrow pathway and into the center of the island. It was the most remarkable thing I had ever seen. There were trees thousands of feet tall and it seemed as if tiny animals were huge and huge animals were tiny. There was a elephant the size of a mouse. Then we found sticks and made a tiny hut. After about an hour of hard work we finally decided the hut was good enough for a night. So we got some sleep. But in the middle of our slumber we found that we were surrounded by bees. Luke and his father had to shout to communicate over the constant buzz, Even worse, this island is so weird that the bees were the size of a dinosaur! Luke and his dad ran and ran. They just kept going trying to get away from those bees. The stingers were the size of a sword used by a giant. They finally stopped because they didn’t hear anymore buzzing noises. They looked back and saw the bees on the ground. “ That’s a bit strange. Don’t you think?” says Luke relieved that the bees weren’t a problem anymore yet curious. “ What had happened” Thought Luke ? “I don’t know Bud?”,said dad. Suddenly there was a deep and scratchy voice saying what sounded like a foreign language. Luke and his father were looking left,right and up. They finally spotted the man. He was wearing an old ripped up shirt and pants and no shoes on. He reminded Luke of his favorite fairy tale Tarzan. Suddenly the man jumped down from the tree and 5 other men emerged from the bushes. They had weapons in their hands!

To Be Continued…

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3 thoughts on “Luke Parker Part 2

  1. stern338

    Hi Connor! I really enjoyed reading Luke Parker Part Two. In the last paragraph you had a mistake with your punctuation or capitalization. Though I really think that you should separate your dialogue by using a different paragraph for each time a character speaks. I wonder whats going to happen next. 🙂
    P.S. I read part 1 of Luke Parker.
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  2. keeport016

    I really like how you made Luke smart and a problem solver. I do wish though that you would have made it a little more weird. I wonder what will happen to them. Happy blogging!


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