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Story Beginning

     I had woken up to heavy winds.  The leaves were swirling all about.  I tried to fall back asleep but I couldn’t.  The morning light was dim, but from my window I could see that the colors of leaves had changed overnight.  They used to be bright green and now their various shades of yellow, red, and orange.  I got startled.  Is a change so drastic possible overnight?  I tried to convince myself that I was dreaming, but I was completely conscious.  But then I realized.  I jumped out of bed and locked my door.

~To be continued~

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Video + Article Surprising Conclusion

     From the video 10,000 Hours to Become Massively Successful- 10,000 Hour Rule Explained, and the article How does your child’s screen time measure up? I can draw a conclusion.  I can conclude that if kids spent the time that they do every day on screens focusing and working on their best skill, they could one day become successful in that ability.  The average child age zero up to eight spends two hours and 19 minutes on screens each day, while kids ages eight to 12 spend four hours and 36 minutes, which is a massively outrageous amount.

     If they would take the time that they spend on their screens working hard at their best skill, the 10,000 Hour Rule states that someday they could be successful.  But only if they work hard at the skill everyday for the amount of time needed. You can do the math and come up with if kids spend the amount of time on electronics as the article states, by the time they are 12 years old they would’ve been on electronics for about 13140 hours, when they could’ve used that time mastering a skill.  But, you can probably guess that babies and small toddlers (ages 0-4) can’t really do a hobby, but if you cut those years off you would still come up with more than 10,000 hours. In conclusion, most time spent on electronics is wasting time you could have been working at something you want to master.


Negative Peer Pressure Play


Maggie: Leli Nutcase- Student

Summer: Mrs. Dessert, Mrs. Frize

Luke: Nolen Frize- Student/Victim


Act 1; Scene 1

Math Class


It’s the middle of the school day and Leli was bored. Bored, bored, bored.


Leli: Isn’t Geometry the worst Nolen?!?

Nolen: I hear you…

Leli: I wish that something interesting would happen. Don’t you?

Nolen: (sleeping; snoring)

Mrs. Dessert:  Leli Nutcase!  No talking during lessons!  We have recess in a couple of minutes so just calm down or you’ll have to spend it with me.  Now, where was I?


Act 1; Scene 2



A little while later…


(The class is lead out to recess)


Leli:  Hey, Nolen!  Want to play four square?

Nolen: (Mumbling) Yeah, sure.  (sluggishly walks over to the court with Leli excitedly hopping next to him)

Leli:  Is something wrong, Nolen?


Leli: Just wondering.  You’ve seemed very sad and tired lately.

Nolen: (stops Leli from walking by standing in front of her while glaring at her) NOTHING is wrong. Stay out of my Problems!

Leli:  Ok, Nolen.  Jeez.  (finishes getting over to the four square court and starts to play but keeps a frown on his face)


Act 1; Scene 3

Science Class (A few days later, almost time to leave)


(Nolen asks to go to the bathroom and the teacher says yes)


Mrs Dessert: (squinting at her computer)  Leli, will you come up here?  It looks like you and Nolen are the only group who didn’t finish your science project.  That was due 3 days ago, Miss Nutcase.

Leli: Sorry Mrs Dessert, I’ll go over to Nolen’s today so we can finish it. I’ll tell him when he gets back.


But Nolen didn’t come back. Leli thought he went home without her. He was still distressed so…



Act 2; Scene 1

Going to Nolen’s house


Leli had just arrived at Nolen’s house. She went up and knocked on the door. KNOCK KNOCK! Mrs. Frize answered the door.


Mrs Frize: Hi, Leli! How are you? Can I do something for you?

Leli: I’m good. Is Nolen home?

Mrs Frize: Yes, he’s home. (Suddenly worried tone of voice) But… he hasn’t been himself lately. He’s depressed and he won’t let me talk to him! Has he been the same at school?

Leli: Yeah. Maybe he just is worrying about other stuff. Maybe he’ll let me talk to him.

Mrs Frize: All right dear, I was planning on going to the store. I won’t be longer than 2 hours.

Leli: OK Mrs. Frize, we’ll be fine.


A few minutes later Leli is alone in the Frize’s house walking up the stairs.


Leli: Nolen?

Nolen: Go away! (Opens the door and glares at Leli)


Nolen: Shush up, buttercup.  Now why are you here?  If it’s about that dumb science project, you might want to go home.  I threw it out the window and watched a big rig run over it.  It almost lit the truck on fire!

(Nolen faints to the ground)


(Rushes out of the room)


Act 2; Scene 2

What Happened To Nolen


Leli sped down the stairs and ran the faucet and filled a cup with freezing water. She runs back up and splashes it on Nolen. He immedeiatly came back..


Leli: You nearly gave me a HEART ATTACK, Nolen!

Nolen: Sorry, I was just…

Leli: Just what Nolen, JUST WHAT!

Nolen: Defry Badness


The boy who was known for ripping butterflies wings off and snapping little trees. Great.


Leli: What did he do Nolen?!?

Nolen: Drugs. He forced me to do them, said it would make me happy. It does. (Grins maliciously)

Leli: How long have you been doing them?!? (slaps him)

Nolen: OW! 3 weeks. But don’t you dare touch them. (He looked nervously at a box in the corner.)

Leli: I have to get them Nolen, they can really hurt you.  (Runs over to the corner and picks up the drugs and runs away as fast as she can)

Nolen: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At that exact moment Mrs. Frize comes home.


Mrs. Frize: Are you OK, Leli? What’s in the box? Why are you running? (concerned look)

Leli: Oh, Mrs. Frize. I found out why Nolen is the way he is. He… He’s on drugs.

Mrs. Frize: NOLEN!!!!! Who gave them to him?!? Wh-wh-why?

Leli: A kid at school, named Defry Badness. (Gives Mrs. Frize the box)


Mrs. Frize went up to Nolen’s room and gives him a STERN talk. She grounds him but also thanks the world that Nolen is alright. She tells him that he will have to live without them.


Act 2; Scene 3

School, ISS


Defry Badness was serving in school suspension for a whole month for having drugs and giving them to other students. His parents were told and at home he was grounded for as long as he lived under their roof. Nolen was getting used to not having drugs and was becoming happier.



(All BOW)



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Summer’s Adjective of the Month- Cantankerous

          I’ve decided to make a post like this every month instead of every week.  I did that because I entered the Student Blogging Challenge and want to make sure I have time for that.  So, this month’s adjective that I’ve chosen is cantankerous.  Here is the definition that I got from :



My way of pronouncing it: can

  1. having a difficult and contrary disposition
  2. stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate


My partner at the collaborative station is very cantankerous.  I don’t think that we’ll get our work done on time.

Sometimes people can be very cantankerous.


Summer’s Adjective of the Week- Pulchritudinous

          Did you know that adjectives are my favorite words?  If not, well you know now!  An adjective is a word that describes a noun.  Speaking of nouns, did you know that the word “adjective” is a noun?  Just think about it.  It will soon start to make sense.

          Since I like adjectives so much, I decided to write a post every week that includes one of my favorite adjectives in it.  I will explain what the adjective is, what the adjective’s definition is and some examples of it in a sentence.  I use for the adjectives and definitions.

Lets get started!

This week’s adjective is (as you might’ve seen in the title) “pulchritudinous”!


My way of pronouncing it: pul-kri-too-din-us


  1. used of persons only; having great physical beauty


The pulchritudinous girl walked along the streets as if she were a movie star.

Don’t wake the pulchritudinous person over there against the wall.

The girls at the pageant were pulchritudinous.

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If a Cyclops-Orange Ruled the Planet: Chapter 2- Communication

If you haven’t already read the 1st chapter, please read it.  It will make your time reading this chapter way easier.

          “BUBBA BUBBA COCLONIAM SIRIUOS AMAKEAMAKE COOC!,” screeched the (well apparently) Leader.  The Leader wore a magnificent gold crown.  He had a blue cloak lined with diamonds that shimmered in the sun that shown itself above in the perfectly clear sky.  I also noticed a mysterious mist, different from the one lingering in the atmosphere, surrounding him.  It almost looked like it was glowing.  He had some patches on him where his peel was torn off.  Battle scars?


          Just then, the biggest grapefruit of all screamed, “BLAT BLAT IMA CATT SAE BLAT BLAT IMA CATT!


          “Nananananananananananananannananannananananananananananan,” said the most wrinkled orange.  “Huter nami so.”


          “HUTER NAMI GO!  HUTER NOMNOM ORANGES!,” cried the Leader.


          “Um…  Hi,” I said nervously.  What were they saying?


          The Oranges took a slow roll back in offense while the Grapefruits looked very pleased.  The Leader rolled over to a dark patch of nebula-colored earth and started to bounce up and down on it.  It was quite a sight to see.  Suddenly, an enormous book came flying out of the ground.  He (or She, I had no idea) held onto the book tight as he rolled back over to me.  The Leader handed me the book.  Well, I grabbed it off the top of his head. The front looked something like this:


          I looked up the words I had just said: “Um…  Hi.”  Apparently, in Orange, “um” is an adjective and means “bigger.”  “Hi” means “better.”  I got it then.  I thought that book would be very helpful, so I carefully held onto it even though it was outrageously cumbersome, hoping to not drop it.  I had a feeling that these fruits were going to be very cantankerous and hard to communicate with.


          What should I do next?  I really wanted to go home before anything worse happened, so I looked up the sentence “Where is home?”  Then, I yelled out my findings: “Nina siff julleypoll?”


          The Leader once again rolled over to a darker patch of nebula-colored earth, but this time he/she started to roll all over it vigorously.  Another enormous book flew up from the ground and landed directly in front of the Leader.  The cover of that book looked like this:

          Finally!  Something that could make me better understand these fruits.  The leader then said “No going home.  Store not over.”


          “Oh come on!,” I was clearly not happy with that answer.


          “Too bad to you.”


          “Yeah.  I think I figured that out the second I arrived in this imbecilic place!”


          The Leader angrily and offensively slammed the book closed and screamed “HUTER NAMI GO!  ORANGES PHON GRAPEFRUITS THADVACK PHON FRAW PHON THYO OT YIM TOWQUER OWNPIE OWNPIE OWNPIE!



If a Cyclops-Orange Ruled the Planet: Chapter 1- A Strange Place

          I sat there, daydreaming in class.  It’s a habit of mine.  Believe me, it’s incurable.  Just then, my teacher’s ear-piercing voice cut like a silver blade through my dream: “Okay, class!  Take your journals out!  Today you will be writing a journal-entry.  It, not should, but MUST start with the word ‘if.’  Now, ‘if’ can be a very powerful word.  Blah……blah……blah.  Ms. Cracklebush’s voice was fading away.  Did I also mention that I have selective hearing?  The mystical world of mountains glaring through purple mist and rows of glistening trees dancing gracefully in the wind gathered into my wondrous mind again.  That was the most common of the hundreds of thousands of settings that I imagine in my daydreams.  It just feels so natural, even the purple mist.

          All of a sudden, I lost control of my brain.  I was now in deep concentration of my make-believe world.  Never-ending trees.  Ever so tall mountains.  Mysterious purple mist.  I felt like I was actually there.  Then, every single one of the trees disappeared back into the grassy earth.  The purple mist turned to orange.  The mountains grew even taller.  What was happening?  Nothing was staying the same.  Everything was changing.  I didn’t understand.  Didn’t I have control over my daydreams?  The once grassy earth changed to a nebula-colored surface.  This was not right, or was it?

          I started to listen closely.  I heard tiny voices in the distance.  What were they from?  Who were they from?  My mind was asking all sorts of questions.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer any of them.  This was the most confusing place that I had ever “been” in.  I wanted to get out of this crazy dream immediately.  Then, out of nowhere, I heard this loud voice.  The exact words that came out of the invisible mouth were these, “There is NO going back!  At least not until you see what’s in store.  MWAAAAHHAAAAAHHAAAAAAHHAAAAHHAAAA!”

          “Oh… my…,” I was so scared that I couldn’t even finish that simple statement.

          Suddenly, those tiny voices I heard before were getting louder.  Not so tiny anymore.  Louder by the second.  I was freaking out.  Most of me was begging to go home.  But, about 2% of me wanted to see “what was in store.”  I couldn’t move, which was unlucky for the remaining 98% of me.

          The voices now sounded like they were directly behind me, so I whirled around in fear.  I gasped.  Behind me were hundreds of Oranges and a few Grapefruits decorated with gold sparkles.  The Oranges had one eye and rolled around to get where they wanted.  The Grapefruits were sliced in half and also had one eye.  Who knows how they got around?  “Uh oh,” I accidentally said out loud.

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Ubiquitous Unbounded Classroom Webinar

First of all, do you know what a Webinar is?  If not, please visit this link:

Link about Webinars

          Okay, so now that you know what a Webinar is (if you haven’t before), I can tell you about the amazing thing that I did:

          But first, lets start from the beginning…

          So, one day, Mr. Geiman and Mr. Arena decided to write a grant to get Virtual Reality headsets including the phones to go with them.  Fortunately, they were able to get 10 headsets.  The sets included the goggles, the phones, an instructor’s tablet and a protective, heavy-duty VR case.  Mr. Geiman and Mr. Arena share the VR with their outstanding students.  They went on journeys through the Amazon, they relived scenes from WWII and did many more cool things using Google Expeditions.

          After each Expedition, Mr. Geiman has his wonderful students write up a See Think Wonder Google Document about the Expedition and the text that they read before the Expedition.  The document lets his students write about what they saw in the Expedition, what they were thinking about the Expedition and what they wonder about the Expedition.  There is also a Text Connections part where the students connect the Expedition to the text they read about the Expedition.  Here is one of my many See Think Wonders.

A little further in…

          Mr. Arena and Mr. Geiman have already gone to several conferences and will be going to many more to present their students’ amazing work and talk about Virtual Reality.  This is Mr. Geiman’s post about his and Mr. Arena’s travel to Washington D.C. for a conference.

Now about the awesome thing I did…  Wait!  Can you guess without looking?  Here‘s a hint.

          You’ve probably guessed by now, but if you haven’t, I’ll tell you.  I attended Mr. Geiman and Mr. Arena’s Webinar for Unbounded Classroom!  It was really cool!

This is all about the Webinar and when I signed up.

          When Mr. Geiman announced to his Reading Class that he and Mr. Arena were doing a Webinar, I was feeling ecstatic.  I really wanted to be part of it.  I really wanted to hear them talk about and explain how outstanding their classrooms really are.  The thing that made me even more excited was when Mr. Geiman said that a very important person from the Department of Education in Pennsylvania was going to be attending!

          So, I walked over to Mr. Geiman the day the Webinar was one and asked him if I could register.  (The invitation post on his blog about it said that sign-ups were due May 28th, but I really didn’t care)  He said that it was sold out.  🙁  Mr. Geiman even showed me on his phone.  That didn’t stop me from at least trying though.

          I was thinking about that Webinar all day.  Finally, when it was time to go home, I excitedly walked out to my bus and immediately got my phone out from my backpack.  Our school day usually went until 3:30 p.m., and the Webinar started at 3:30 p.m..  Despite that, I still really wanted to try to register.

          I used my phone to successfully get onto Mr. Geiman’s blog.  On the post about the Webinar, I clicked the button that said “Register now.”  Apparently, the website that it took me to was an app for my phone, so I quickly downloaded it.  The app is called “BlueJeans.”  (Yes, the words are smashed together like that)

          The app asked for my email address, so I typed my Mom’s into it since I don’t actually have one.  A confirmation email would be sent to her in 5-10 minutes.  I texted her to tell her to get onto her email and look for a confirmation email about a Webinar in 5 minutes.  Luckily, she got it.  The email really came to no use though because all the information was already on my phone.

          I was getting off the bus next, so I jammed my phone into the front of my lunchbox and dashed inside.  I ran up to my room with my backpack still on and everything.

          As soon as I was in my room, I was already connecting to the Webinar.  I was 15 minutes late, but I really didn’t care.  I was just happy I was “there.”  I was then kindly greeted by Mr. Geiman with a friendly “Hi Summer!”  I was so happy and excited!

          There were 2 screens you could look at for the Webinar.  One was showing Mr. Geiman and Mr. Arena’s faces.  The other was showing the slideshow that they were presenting.  One of Maggie‘s See Think Wonder document was being presented in the slideshow.  It was all so awesome.

          Throughout the Webinar, I answered a question that was in the comment section and asked a question.  The comment was asking what the VR headsets costed.  I answered in another comment that the headsets cost about 20 USD, but the phones costed a lot more.  The question I asked was “Did you tell them about the other grant that you wanted to write?”

          Mr. Geiman replied, “Which one?  We have a few on the list.  The 3D-printer?


          “No.  Well, we wanted to write another grant for a 3D-printer so that our students can create 3-Dimensional objects through coding.”

          That question took us to 4:32 Eastern Time, 2 minutes over the time it was supposed to be over.  As soon as it was over, I closed the tab on my phone and immediately ran downstairs to blog about my experience.  🙂

Want some more great posts to read?  If you answered yes, then it would be worth your while to check out these links:

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Skilful Sketches From

 is website you use to create some supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sketches, or virtual drawings.  My friend Mae introduced me to it.  I believe it is a very fun and unique time-passer. has really cool tools and things you can use to make your amazing drawings.

The sketch above is just something I decided to just make for fun.  I was experimenting with different things and tools you can use on the website.

This is a sketch I made for my best friend, Leila. ( )  It is a random creation.

This is also a sketch I made for my best friend, Leila. ( )  It is of her cat named “Nelly.”

          What is your favorite sketch/virtual drawing I made?  Feel free to tell me in the comment section below and make sure you check out!


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