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“Wonder” Theme

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“The Little Mermaid” Setting Change

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Fish- A Short Story with Personification

Once there was a lake.  Inhabiting that lake was a fish.  The day is June 21st, 1957.  The warm summer breeze plays childhood games with the tree leaves as the fish underneath gets prepared for what is going to happen.  Today is the day where families come to the lake and use fishing lines to catch fish for a competition.  But as the fish thinks about it, he is not prepared and does not know how to.  The fish hears pounding footsteps and cowards back a bit, but a fishline pierces through the water with a tasty piece of bait on it.  He can’t resist.

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Dream Job- Elementary School Teacher Video


Hatchet Next Step

In “Hatchet,” so far Brian has survived a plane crash.  The pilot had a heart attack and died on the spot.  Brian took control over the plane even though he doesn’t know how to fly one.  He landed near a lake.  Although surviving, he did suffer painful bruises and mosquito bites all over his body.  I don’t know what Brian is going to do next, but this is what I would do:

If I was in the same situation, I would try to build a shelter for myself.  I would use the hatchet and cut down a few small trees or branches to use for wood.  If the hatchet had sunk in the lake, I would try to dive for it, but probably be unsuccessful.  For food I would (try) to kill some fish, because I know they’re plentiful in the lake.  Also, I would create a fire to keep away insects and to keep warm.

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Being a Leaf in Autumn

          I never had thought ahead to the future.  My life of a leaf may as well be over now.  Autumn has turned the corner and all my friends and I have turned different colors.  Soon we will fall off the maple tree we call home, onto the dirt ground. It will happen any minute now, today is a very depressing day.

          Just as I had guessed, we started falling off the tree, one by one.  Soon it was my turn. I repeated my one and only wish, “May this tree never get chopped down by the mean old lumber workers!”

          My stem came loose and I got picked up by the swirling wind.  I fell unconscious. This is the end.


          The leaf had fallen into the Johnson’s yard.  Little Darla joyfully skipped outside with Mr. Johnson trying to keep up with her.  Mr. Johnson was holding a rake and started to scrape up the fallen leaves. Once every single leaf was in a huge pile he let Darla take a running start and jump in.  This is what happens to leaves after they fall off their tree. Little kids want to squash them for fun! This current state of mind is horrid.


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Too Much Terrorizing Television

          I do think that parents should limit TV-time.  Below are reasons why I think the way I do.

          Parents should limit the amount of time their kids watch TV because it can actually rot your brain.  A rotted brain can cause loss of intelligence- which can then lead to horrifying school grades.  If I were to reduce the amount of TV my kids would watch, I would reduce it to 10 hours a week or less because the average child, age 2-5 years old, can watch more than 32 hours a week of television!  That can lead to really terrible grades

Picture By – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

for when they take tests in school.

          Another reason why parents should limit TV watching to their children is because too much TV can obliterate the ability to concentrate.  If you can’t concentrate that well, paying attention in class would certainly be difficult.  Then again, if you don’t pay attention in class, you are going to get very bad grades.  Bad grades can lead to being kicked off (not literally) school-based sports’ teams.  

          Also, after just a few elementary seconds of watching TV, your brain slips into Hypnotic State.  When this “Hypnotic State” is in action, it provides easy access to the

subconscious.  That is one reason why it is easy to fall asleep while watching television.  People who get too much sleep during the day can experience headaches in the morning.  Parents who limit the amount of TV their kids watch could reduce the risk of headaches.

          Those are 3 reasons why I think that parents should reduce the amount of TV their kids watch.

Want to read about other peoples’ opinions about limitations on TV?  Here are some great ones:

Emily’s “Television Too Much For Youth?”  I really like how Emily clearly explains her reasoning in a thorough explanation.  She gives excellent examples throughout the whole piece of writing.  Check it out, believe me, it’s worth it.

Mae’s “No More Television for you, Missy or Mr”  In Mae’s post, she added her humorous personality into her post about her television opinion.  It is good GREAT and entertaining to read, or have someone read to you.  You should really check it out.

I’d like to thank
for their amazing information.  🙂


Handy Howard Poems


Luke Harold liked to study weather

He wrote that some clouds looked like a feather

He had written a famous report of their new names

While his opponent’s went into flames

They will probably never get together

By Summer S.


The clouds have some names

Luke Harold gave them that thing

Clouds are very special

By Summer S.


Luke Howard was born in London, England

Mr. Howard liked to study the clouds

But, His dad didn’t want him to be lazy

So then he worked in a chemical shop

For a long, long, long, long, long, long while

Then joined a club that talked about science

He gave the clouds names on a short report

Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus, and some more

Everyone thought he was brilliant, sure

But there were still many competitors

And they changed the names a lot, quite sadly

So now we know more than he named

Howard had named seven cloud types that day

But now there is ten, in the modern time

By Summer S. and Mae B.

Do you know what kind of clouds these are? Picture from Pixabay.

Do you know what kind of clouds these are?
Picture from Pixabay.



Astonishing Abraham Lincoln

Some information from this website.  The rest we already knew.

Abraham Lincoln was the best president that had ever lived.  These are reasons why.  But before we start, try to think of why another president is better…. Exactly, you can’t.

Abe Lincoln is the best president because he threw slavery out the door.  (He got rid of slavery)  Before he was president, there were African American slaves that the other presidents before him never freed.  The slaves were treated harshly and unfair.  But Mr. Lincoln changed that.

Another reason that Abraham Lincoln was the best president ever was because he directed the Civil War.  The Civil War was the war were the south part of our country was fighting to keep slavery and the north was fighting to get rid of it.  Lincoln fought with the north and helped them win.  Before the war even began he tried to make it a law that slavery wasn’t allowed, but the South still disagreed so they had to fight.

A last reason why Abraham Lincoln was the best president was because he didn’t kill himself by getting old.  He was murdered.  Then his wife proclaimed that the most horrible place in the world was the pretty pretty Ford’s Theater.  Ka-pow!!!!!!

Those are some of the MANY reasons that Abe Lincoln is the best president that this world has ever seen!  By Summer and Mae


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Spectacular Sergeant Stubby

Before we start, almost all information from this website.  The rest is probably made up.  By Summer and Mae.

Sergeant Stubby is a mix of a Boston Round Head, American Bull Terrier, and a Boston Bull Terrier.  He was born on July 21st 1916.  Stubby was found while wandering the campus Yale University in Connecticut while the 102nd Infantry was training.  The puppy stayed with them as they drilled, he learned bugle calls, drills, (like intruder drills and stuff) and even how to salute! One soldier, Corporal Robert Conroy, who before worked at a bakery called Sweets By Summer became fond of little Stubby.

When it came time for the soldiers to sail away, Robert hid Stubby on board the troop ship.  As they were getting off the ship, he hid Stubby in his coat without notice.  Only his best friend, James Salsa, asked why he was bending over so weirdly.  So he told him what he was doing and that he better not tell Captain Coo-Koo.  James agreed.  Once they got off the ship, Stubby fell from Robert’s coat for everyone to see.  Oops.  But when Stubby did his cutie salute, everybody wanted him to join the United States Army, even Captain Coo-Koo!

A couple of days passed and it was almost time for World War l.  They all got trained hard and well, including Stubby.  When the war started, Stubby marched around like a trained soldier, and that’s what he became.  In Stubby’s whole career, he served for 18 months, 4 offensives, and 17 battles.  At the end of his third battle, he gained the name Sergeant Stubby.

When Sergeant Stubby came home, he became a celebrity, and marched in and normally led many parades all over the country.  He also met many presidents like Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, and Woodrow Wilson.  And then in 1921 General John J. Pershing presented Sergeant Stubby a gold medal from the Humane Education Society, which was the subject of a famous photograph.  And then again in 1921, he became the Georgetown Hoyas’ team mascot.  His job would be to get a football at halftime and nudge it around the field as an amusement to the audience.

Unfortunately, Sergeant Stubby died in 1926 while sleeping.  After his death, he was preserved with his skin mounted on a plaster cast, and presented to the Smithsonian in 1956.

Thank-you for your service Sergeant Stubby!  ?

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