Television Too Much For Youth?

  I think that youth does not watch too much tv.  This is why they don’t and how tv can be helpful in life.

     Tv can be educational.  You can learn lots from it like good life skills.  Whatever they watch like Sophia The first they pick up the skills they watch like being kind, helping others they use it in real life.  Tv can teach people,math,reading,being a good friend,helping,being responsible,being honest,and it can give your child a heads up for school.  This is a good way to teach your children and they actually love it is that amazing!

    Tv is a good time passer and to keep children busy.  Did you ever have to clean the house or something and your children always bother you,well tv is the solution.  Did they do something good and you want to give them a award,well tv can be used as a reward.  Also if you want a family event to do on the weekends how about family movie night!  This is a really fun time passer.

   You can see and buy them everywhere.  Do not hassle to find something educational that you have to search a lot for.  Tv’s are almost at every store including,Walmart,Kmart,Best Buy,etc.  So get one today and don’t settle for searching across the state for something to pass time,teach children,fun,Just buy a tv.

   Tv’s are used everywhere.  Such as security cameras.  You can also bring tv channels like the Nick or Cartoon Network app.  You can  watch your tv anywhere.  This is a awesome thing to buy.  Put anywhere is your house even the kitchen!  Why go spend money to a movie theater when you can buy a tv and watch it every day.

        I do not think that Tv’s are bad for youth.  We use them everywhere.  I think tv’s help with education,if deserve a award,family fun,mobile,save money,and tv’s are part of life.  I think it helps children in life not be bad for them in life.  This is why I think tv is good for little ones in life,and should not put a strict time limit on tv.

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One thought on “Television Too Much For Youth?

  1. Hi Emily! I remember how you commented on my blog and left your URL for your “How to Comment Video”. Unfortunately, the video apparently had an error and didn’t load for me. Also, when I tried to comment on it, it wouldn’t let me. I think it’s because you don’t have your comments on. To turn them on, first, ask Mr. Geiman to have the page back. Next, find it in your “All Pages” section and hover your mouse over it. Below the title of the page, there should be a button that says “Quick Edit.” Click on it. Then, find where there is a checkbox that has “Allow Comments” next to it. Check that box. Lastly, resubmit the page.

    Now, about this post. I really like how you clearly explained each of your several reasons. I also liked how you gave examples of where to buy TVs. How many TVs do you have in your house? Do you have one in your bedroom? How much TV do you watch?

    I also have my TV-opinion post up. Here is the link:
    P.S. You got my picture sentence right! 🙂
    Have a great day! 🙂

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