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Being a Leaf in Autumn

on November 20, 2018

          I never had thought ahead to the future.  My life of a leaf may as well be over now.  Autumn has turned the corner and all my friends and I have turned different colors.  Soon we will fall off the maple tree we call home, onto the dirt ground. It will happen any minute now, today is a very depressing day.

          Just as I had guessed, we started falling off the tree, one by one.  Soon it was my turn. I repeated my one and only wish, “May this tree never get chopped down by the mean old lumber workers!”

          My stem came loose and I got picked up by the swirling wind.  I fell unconscious. This is the end.


          The leaf had fallen into the Johnson’s yard.  Little Darla joyfully skipped outside with Mr. Johnson trying to keep up with her.  Mr. Johnson was holding a rake and started to scrape up the fallen leaves. Once every single leaf was in a huge pile he let Darla take a running start and jump in.  This is what happens to leaves after they fall off their tree. Little kids want to squash them for fun! This current state of mind is horrid.


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