No More Television for you, Missy or Mr

Children watch too much television, so parents should make a limit to the amount of television they watch, preferably 1-2 hrs per day.


Kids need to devote more time to other things.  When they grow up, watching the TV won’t do them much good, whereas doing their homework, practicing math facts, solving household problems and arguments, and reading will later help them get a job, a wife/husband, and a good reputation.  It will also help them get good grades in school and help them lead a generally peaceful life.


Watching television might lead children to believe in false things, and cartoons that use bad words will encourage their use of bad words as well.  A television show that has bloody and murderous topics will most likely lead to cowardly or tough and rude children that might grow up to be the “bad guys”.  Or they might just be considered wimps.  Less television will help encourage less of this.  To summarize this paragraph, too much television can be a bad influence.


A reason that some people might argue is that watching a lot of television will give the youngsters something to do.  That way, parents can spend more time together and less time settling arguments and  trying to figure out where she went and why he’s cutting that doll’s hair (wait, no, that’s not a doll, it’s the baby!) and stuff like that.  But watching too much television, although seemingly beneficial to parents, could make the child lazy and unwilling to do chores, so then the parents would have to do everything by themselves and that would be even harder, because then they’d have to be cleaning while looking after the children, and that could just be too much.
Thank you for reading my opinions about why children should watch less TV, and hopefully if you listen to me and allow yourself or your children to only watch two hours of TV per day, you’ll grow up happy and healthy.


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