Bleh! Toad!

September 26, 1848

Dear Sally,


I have a story to tell you. You might want to go get a paper bag. I know you hate toads and spikes and magic. This story is full of those things, and you’d be in trouble if you threw up on the floor. I remember how rough you’re folk are.


Ok, so it all started when I was ridin’ my pony, Flash across the rough ground, lookin’ for somethin’ to lasso. I was gettin’ near the old dry creek, which as you well know, I’m forbidden to go there.. But then I saw a tremendously ugly old vulture. I couldn’t resist lassoin’ the thing, but just as I was about to lasso it, but then a great gust of wind blew my new hat of my head! I couldn’t believe it when it landed in the well. I rode Flash over to the well. I couldn’t even see it! Just then, I thought I heard a voice. It said: “Hola, Senorita,”.


I said “Hello? Who’s there?”  


The voice said “Me,” and a horned toad appeared in front of me (not out of nowhere, don’t worry).


“I don’t have time for you! I just lost lost my new new hat in the well!”


The old toad looked thoughtful. Then he said: “I could get it for you if you feed me chili, play the guitar for me, and let me sleep in your hat,”


“NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed.


The old toad began to walk away. “I’d like to hear you explain this to your parents,”  he said.


“Fiiiine,” I said. I then gently put him in the bucket and lowered him. When he came up again, I snatched the hat from him, and rode away.


A few hours later I heard a light knock on the door. I opened and slammed it right in the visitor’s face, for the visitor was the toad. Unfortunately, my dad heard him. And let him in. And when the toad told him about my deal, he made me give up my dinner, chili. Then I played the guitar, but I DID NOT LET HIM SLEEP IN MY HAT. So he asked me to kiss him instead, and then he told me that if I did, he would leave pronto instead of sleeping in my hat overnight. So I (bleh) kissed him. Then he (magically) transformed into a handsome prince!!!!!


“I am prince Maximillan Jose Diego Lopez de Espana,”


“Whoa, how did this happen?”


“Many years ago when I came to this country, I offended the great spirit of the arroyo. The spirit put a spell on me and turned me into a horned toad. For many years I’ve been waiting for a cowgirl like you to break the spell. Muchas gracias for my freedom, senorita. Now I’ll be leaving as I promised.


But, you see, I wouldn’t let him go, and when my father heard about it, he made sure the prince took me home to his kingdom and married me, as a thanks for his freedom.  Well, what’dya think of that?
With care, Princess Reba Jo.

Greater Short-Horned Lizard 03Creative Commons License wplynn via Compfight

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  1. That was an amazing story! My name is Nora and I really wish I could write things as good as you. Next time I see a toad, I’ll definitely kiss it. Here’s my blog if you want to visit it:

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