The Tale of the Three Porky Piggies

Once upon a time, on a warm day near the end of winter, there were three cold little pigs trotting through the melting snow in search of a dry spot to lay on and sunbathe. Two were dummies, one was smart.  As the day got hotter, the smart pig began to worry.  

“We should probably go find somewhere a little cooler, for the snow has all melted as far as we can see,” he said.

“Nonsense!” replied the others, and went back to resting.

“But if we stay here for too long, we will turn into pork!” argued the smart one, whose name, by the way, is Ethan.  Since the others didn’t respond, Ethan went and looked for a nice, cool spot to rest.  When he came back, he found his brothers, Joey and J.P. sizzled into pork.  He sighed.  Tying a rope around them he dragged them to the melted spot on the pond.  He said to himself

“If I dunk the in the freezing water, not only will they become pigs again, the water will take away the crinkles.”

And so, holding as tightly as he could to the ropes, he kicked the pork into the water.  In a few minutes, the water began to bubble, but Ethan didn’t pull them up.  He knew that they weren’t coming back to life.  They were only losing crinkles.  When the water started rippling, he knew his brothers had come back to life and were squirming around in panic.  Then he pulled them up.  Since he had tied all four of their legs up, they were helpless.  He dragged them away and tied them up, for as they were very dazed he was sure that if he let them go they would create panic in the valley.

A few hours later they started complaining.  

“We’re hungry,” Ethan heard them say.  He hoped they had came back to their senses as he brought them some slop.  As they ate, they were yelling at Ethan for dunking and tieing them.  When Ethan tried to explain, Joey and J.P.  refused to listen, so Ethan made a cage for them and when humans saw Ethan’s clever strategy to keep animals together they tried it, and have been coming up with clever new cages ever since.
  The End


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