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My American Dream

Theme of “the BFG”

Winnie the Pooh in the city

My Christmas Break

If I was a Snowflake . . .

Haiku: Spring

Spring is so special

Soft sod sparkles in the sun

Springtime makes me smile


Peanut butter and jellyfish

Is my mile-long shark’s favorite dish

Well, it used to be, until

We put on the windowsill

The tank of Freddy, my goldfish

Image result for terrified goldfish


“Ugghhh,”  said Abby, dragging her backpack into her classroom.  “School.”  She hung up her backpack and made her lunch choice.  Then she sat down at her desk and waited for class to begin.   As her teacher, Mr. Smalls, began lecturing them on their lousy grammar in the essay about biology yesterday, she sighed and reached into her pocket.  A piece of paper fell out, and she read the one word on it out loud.  “Giddyup!”  A shiver went up her spine as her chair said “Sure thing, but for heaven’s sake, grab on or you’ll fall off!”  She quickly turned around in her chair and grabbed onto it, ignoring her classmate’s funny looks.  “Giddyup!”  she shouted again.  Her chair reared up, and began to charge at the closed door.   “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!”  she screamed as they crashed through the door with a ear-splitting  BANG!  And then, she was tearing down the hall, and the chair was screaming “Yee-haw!”

Hatchet – Next Step

If I were in Brian’s position in the book “Hatchet”, then when I woke up, I would try to find food.  Maybe go fishing, find nuts, or something like that.  Maybe I could find some edible vegetation.  Anyways, I would definitely look for food first.

I might also start looking for a place to sleep.  If I couldn’t find one, I would make one.  I would find materials for a fire, because that would keep me warm, cook food, keep away bugs, and maybe even help me be found.  But, like I said, food first

Thanksgiving from the perspective of a Fly

Buzz!  That is the only sound I ever hear.  Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! The background music of my life.  Wait, FOOD? Is that FOOD? It is! So MUCH food! Yummy, yummy.

Buzz!  Hmmmm?  I’m not flying, and my wings never sound that deep.  I will follow it.  GASP!  He stealing my heart.  Help, he is beautiful! The most handsome fly that I will ever see!  Will you marry me?  I feel my conciousness slipping away.  Or, wait-K-K-K-K-K.  Obviously, she doesn’t like me.  Why else would she die on me. On thanksgiving, nonetheless.  Oh, well. Buh-bye!

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