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Astonishing Abraham Lincoln

on November 30, 2016

Some information from this website.  The rest we already knew.

Abraham Lincoln was the best president that had ever lived.  These are reasons why.  But before we start, try to think of why another president is better…. Exactly, you can’t.

Abe Lincoln is the best president because he threw slavery out the door.  (He got rid of slavery)  Before he was president, there were African American slaves that the other presidents before him never freed.  The slaves were treated harshly and unfair.  But Mr. Lincoln changed that.

Another reason that Abraham Lincoln was the best president ever was because he directed the Civil War.  The Civil War was the war were the south part of our country was fighting to keep slavery and the north was fighting to get rid of it.  Lincoln fought with the north and helped them win.  Before the war even began he tried to make it a law that slavery wasn’t allowed, but the South still disagreed so they had to fight.

A last reason why Abraham Lincoln was the best president was because he didn’t kill himself by getting old.  He was murdered.  Then his wife proclaimed that the most horrible place in the world was the pretty pretty Ford’s Theater.  Ka-pow!!!!!!

Those are some of the MANY reasons that Abe Lincoln is the best president that this world has ever seen!  By Summer and Mae


One Response to “Astonishing Abraham Lincoln”

  1. Rodney Jones says:

    Hello Summer,

    Thank you for your blog about President Lincoln. He is one of my favorites too. I’m not sure if you know this, but Lincoln had to overcome severe personal obstacles and failures to become the great man that he was. This is a good example for all of us.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mr. Jones

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