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Summer’s Adjective of the Week- Pulchritudinous

          Did you know that adjectives are my favorite words?  If not, well you know now!  An adjective is a word that describes a noun.  Speaking of nouns, did you know that the word “adjective” is a noun?  Just think about it.  It will soon start to make sense.

          Since I like adjectives so much, I decided to write a post every week that includes one of my favorite adjectives in it.  I will explain what the adjective is, what the adjective’s definition is and some examples of it in a sentence.  I use for the adjectives and definitions.

Lets get started!

This week’s adjective is (as you might’ve seen in the title) “pulchritudinous”!


My way of pronouncing it: pul-kri-too-din-us


  1. used of persons only; having great physical beauty


The pulchritudinous girl walked along the streets as if she were a movie star.

Don’t wake the pulchritudinous person over there against the wall.

The girls at the pageant were pulchritudinous.

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