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Genius Hour Idea Pitch

on March 22, 2019

6 Responses to “Genius Hour Idea Pitch”

  1. mansi681 says:

    I really enjoyed how you mentioned what an obstacle you might face during your project. I wish you would’ve said what shows you watch so then we would know where you get some of your ideas. How many different techniques you will learn?
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  2. reicha283 says:

    Hey Summer it’s Courtney! I like how you said what you achieved this week, and I like your pitch. I wish you would have put what you would be looking up in more detail. I wonder what techniques you will learn? If you have time please come to my blog: Thanks! 😉

  3. millis317 says:

    Hi summer its lila I really liked how you said you want to create bridal dresses. I wish you would’ve put why you want to do that and put some history into what made you want to design bridal dress. I wonder what some of your bridal dress’s would look like. hope you can come visit my blog at

  4. jagiah406 says:

    hey summer I like how you told me alot about how you wanna make bridal dresses I wonder when you plan to do this passion and I wish you would have told me a little bit more on obstacles I don’t know if there is alot but yeah see ya

  5. hershea980 says:

    Hi Its Drew I think its cool that you want to make bridle dress
    I wonder how many you are going to make
    I wish you would have told us how many you are going to make.
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  6. hoovers931 says:

    Hi Summer, This is Saraiah
    I really liked how you said what you are going to be doing next week. I wonder if you had any obstacles this week. I wish you would have said if your goal from last week was made.
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