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November 20, 2018
by hoovers931

Start Genius Hour Project

In this unit we are starting our genius hour project. In the project we are aloud to pick whatever topic we want and research it. The topic can be a skill or a question that you have, I choose a question. My question is how does the ocean affect global warming? I decided that I was going to create a google slide that answers the question that I have. I created a map of the steps that I am going to take to get to the end of the project. These are the steps and the start of my genius hour project.

October 30, 2018
by hoovers931

Reactive or Proactive

I watched the video “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and what caught my eye was being proactive and not being reactive. Being proactive means to not complain about thing you have no control over. And instead of complaining try to find a way to solve your problem. I think I can improve at this because I like to complain about stuff that I have no control over. I can solve this problem by trying to find ways to solve my problem and and not bother other people with it.

September 27, 2018
by hoovers931

All About Me

               My name is Saraiah. I have one brother and three sisters. I have a dog named half pint, a fish, a bird, 3 rabbits, 6 chickens, and 2 show pigs. My hobbies are archery, kayaking, being outdoors, showing at the fair, and working on my grandparents farm. My favorite subjects are math, science, and history. The skill I am best at is math and the skill I struggle with is not being too competitive. The three thing I love would be archery, being with my pets, and farm work.

                If I could live anywhere in the world I would live in Greenland or Uganda.if I could have anything I would choose a pet orca. The animal I most resemble is a fish because I love swimming and being in water. The color that best describes me is yellow because I am very bright and goofy. The most important thing that you should know about me is that my family were missionaries in Uganda, East Africa for 3 years.


September 27, 2018
by hoovers931

10,000 Hours and too Much Screen Time

In the video 10,000 hours it talks about mastering skills. In the article How does your child’s screen time measure up it talks about how children do to much screen time and the risks of it. What do these two subjects have in common?

In the video 10,000 hours it talks about if you put 10,000 hours into something you will be great. Also, putting in the work makes all the difference. Furthermore, if you practice at something you will go from average to great.

In the article it talks about the risks of too much screen time. It also says that kids up to age 8 do a total of 2 hours and 20 min, and ages 8 – 12 it is 4 hours and 35 min. Overuse of screen time can lead to obesity, sleep problems, cyberbullying and negative performance in school. Also it states that, TV and watching videos takes of more than 72% of all screen time.

In conclusion, if kids spent all the time that they do on screen time doing a different activity they would be able to master that skill between the age of 8 – 18.

“How Does Your Child’s Screen Time Measure Up”

September 12, 2018
by hoovers931

Making Salsa

On saturday of this weekend we canned salsa. Since it was a cold rainy day we decided that it would be perfect for canning. We started at about 11:30 after we went and bought all the vegetables. We started cutting and dicing the vegetables in to small pieces. First, we cut the onions, than we cut the peppers, than the hot peppers. Next, we mixed them together and started cutting the sweet peppers. After that, we washed the tomatoes than cut them into cubes. Than, we heated it up added something and put it into jars. Than we put lids and frames and let them sit for awhile. We put the jars in to hot water and than they sealed.

Harvest Canning Preserves Preserving Garde

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