5 thoughts on “Genius Hour – Learning About the Civil War

  1. Hi, Saraiah! I really like how you’re going to research the impact of the Civil War because without it life wouldn’t be the same. Though, I wish you would’ve said what you want your final project to be. What book are you reading about it?
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  2. I like how you put your passions instead of just saying “I want to learn about the civil war!”
    I wish you would’ve put how your passions connect with the subject you did besides History.
    I wonder what the end result is going to look like.
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  3. Hey Sariah it’s Leila,
    I really liked how you stated the 3 different passions you wanted to learn about instead of just saying you wanted to learn about history. I wish you would’ve said what your final project was. I wonder what you will find out about the impact of everyday life.
    Sincerely, Leila
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  4. Hey Sariaha it’s Courtney! I like how your project has to do with history. I wish you would have put a little more detail into what you would need to search up. I wonder how your project is going to end? Please come to my blog: http://blog.elanco.org/reicha283/ Thanks 🙂

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