Text-dependent Questions Evidence-based Answers
How was Hawthorne’s knowledge of Navajo helpful to him as a code talker?  (Page 90-91) Hawthorne lived on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico. Although speaking Navajo was forbidden, but he never stopped speaking it.
Compare the experiences of the code talkers with Navajo language when they were young, and later when they were in the Marine Corp. (Pages 90-91) When Hawthorne was in school the weren’t allowed to speak Navajo language in school, or they would have their mouth washed out with soap.  When Hawthorne was older they were allowed to speak Navajo language and they got to help the army with the Navajo language codes.  And they won the war.
Why was the use of difficult codes so important in WW II? (Pages 91-92) Since the codes they used before were regular English the enemy would use their English speakers to figure out what they’re saying.  Then the enemy cracked the code, then they knew what they were gonna do.  Then they wanted to do a different code that was simple but an unbreakable code. So they used Navajo language.
Why was Navajo a good language to use for a code? (Pages 93-94) Because,  the Navajo language was not as well understood as other Native American languages.
How did recruiters find men to become code talkers? What were some of the challenges in implementing this plan? (Pages 94-95) To find the Navajos they traveled to the United States, parts of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.  They found Navajo speakers and they asked if they wanted to sign up to help the Marines defend the United States, but they didn’t know they were gonna be code talkers, so they had to teach them what the codes were.
Using the code on page 97, how might you write your name in Navajo?

First: Ba-goshi-Ne-ahs-jah-Shi-da-Gah-A-woh-A-chin-Dzeh-Tsah-as-zih

Last: Gah-dzeh-tkin-Ba-goshi-Lin-Wol-la-chee-Gah-Lha-cha-eh

How was the code developed? What special characteristic about Navajo knowledge influenced the words that were chosen?  (Pages 96-98) Each English letter stood for a different  Navajo word and meaning. They all met in a room. They all had to use their language to come up with words representing each letter from A to Z.  And they had come up with code words for military terms.  But they didn’t always agree.
How did the code talking program change over time? (Page 99) There was more words, because there were 200 words at the beginning and at the end there were 600 words.
What were some requirements and skills that code talkers had to develop? (Page 99) They had to translate a three line message in just 20 seconds.  They couldn’t make a single error or they would put the troops in danger.
What were some of the challenges of the battlefield? (Pages 100-101) They had to find a safe place. They couldn’t make a mistake.  They worked all day and all night they had to send out more than 800 messages a day.

What happened later after the war to the Navajo code talkers?

Explain why the Code Talkers were not recognized for their contributions to the war effort until much later. Explain why they did not get any recognition or thanks after the war. (Pages 102-103)

After the war the Navajo code talkers went to live there normal lives.  They weren’t recognized for their contributions because they wanted to keep the code talking a secret.  Just in case they had to use it again.  Then at 1969 they handed out gold medals to the families of the Navajo Code Talkers.
Describe the congressional gold medals given to the code talkers. (Page 103) The front has,  a picture of two of the Navajo Code Talkers on it.  They have the words Navajo Code Talkers on it.It also says By act of Congress 2000. The back has, Dine Bizaad Yee Atah Naayee Yikeh Deesdl11. Which also means,  (The Navajo language was used to defeat the enemy.)  It also says USMC And it also said WWII.
What can we infer about the use of the Navajo language on the medals? (Page 103) That it was really important to WWII.

TDA’s are really cool they make you look back into the text that you read which for this one it was, Navajo Code Talkers!



Text-dependent Questions Evidence-based Answers

Text features are graphic sources, such as pictures, maps, or charts, make information easier to understand.  The author includes Egyptian hieroglyphs, or little pictures, with their meanings on the side of the page.

Look at the text on pages 120-121 to find out how each of the hieroglyphs helps the reader understand the information about the young Jean-François and his interests.

The first hieroglyph is a picture of a jumping goat. What does this image mean? Why do you think this image was chosen?

The second image is a picture of a bird, the ibis. Why do you think this bird was chosen to represent the word “discover”?

The last image on page 120 is that of a long-necked giraffe. What does this image represent and why was it chosen?

On page 121, what can you say about the first image?

What does the image of sandals on page 121 mean and why was it chosen? What does it mean in relation to Jean-Francois?

All of the hieroglyphs helps the reader know about what the pictures mean and what they represent. On the bottom of some of the pictures it says what they mean.   
The jumping goat means, there is a jumping free spirited kid goat in the Egyptian word “Imagine.” I think it was chosen because it was jumping in the air.  He imagines going to Egypt.
I think it was chosen to represent the word “discover.” Because birds discover new places.
The long neck giraffe stands for the word “Predict.” Because they can see and predict what they see.

It is a picture of a lion.  It was Jean Francois favorite animal because it was in his name. Jean-Francois ChampolLION.

The word(s) they mean is “Never give up.” Jean Francois never gave up his dream.  

The title hints that Jean-François will be the one to decipher hieroglyphics.  What evidence on pages 120-121 also supports this prediction? Jean Francois studied the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  He studied Egypt Hieroglyphics. He filled a notebook with Hieroglyphics.

Page 122-123

Not all of the images or hieroglyphs in the text match those on the side. What words in the text help the reader understand what these hieroglyphs mean?

The word(s) that help the reader understand what that Hieroglyphic means is the word or words before it.

Page 122

Could Jean-François have been able to help the scholars decipher the Rosetta Stone?  Cite evidence (which means to find examples in the text) to support your answer.

Yes, he could’ve because he knew all the ancient languages. But they turned him down because, they thought it was a hard job for a young boy to do.

How does the symbol, or hieroglyph, for “glory” on the side of page 123 support the text on that page?

How could you compare the dreams of Napoleon and those of Jean-Francois?

It supports the text on that page because, Napoleon dreamed of glory.
Napoleon’s dream was glory, and Jean-Francois dream was discovery.   

Page 124

Why were the people angry with Jean-Francois?  Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

Because he was running back to save his notebooks but, people were pointing at him and calling him a traitor.
At the bottom of the first paragraph on page 125, the author writes: “Everyone said that the Englishman would be the first to unlock the door to Egypt’s past – everyone except Jean-François. “ Use evidence from the text to explain why the author compares Egypt’s past to a locked door. Because no english men or women wouldn’t be able to figure out the Egypt language, that is why they call it a locked door.

Pages 126-127

Using the text and illustrations, describe the importance of September 1822.

The importance in September 1822 was, that Jean-Francois found a package at his doorstep, from a friend from Egypt!  In it were names of pharaohs copied from a temple .

Page 128  –

What happened right after Jean Francois first made his discovery?

People all over France celebrated his discovery!
How did this discovery change his life later?  Did Jean-François continue to seek knowledge?  Cite evidence to support your answer. Later people from France sent Jean-Francois to Egypt to uncover more knowledge about Egypt.


In our classroom we do TDA’s. TDA’s are questions we have that we have to answer in the text we read during that week.  The story we read to answer these questions was, The Seeker of Knowledge!

Codes Codes! Try to Figure Them Out!!


  A    B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I
   #    !    *    $    &    +    ~    )    =
  J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R
   %    ^    @    /    >    _    –    <    `
  S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z
   ,    :    ;    {    }    [    ]    (    


Try to figure these out with the chart up above.


  1. })&’&  #’&  ]_;  +’_/


  1.   )_}   #’&  ]_;


  1.   })#:  =,  ]_;’  >#/&

If you figure them out leave a comment and I’ll tell you if you’re correct.   Have Fun!  

My Experience In V.R. World War II!

I was able to experience V.R. I got to see World War II!  It looked really cool!

This week I was able to  go on a Google Expedition  I was able to experience V.R. I got to see World War II!  It looked really cool! While I was in there I got to see the planes and the construction that happened.  And all the explosions that happened!

The Rock Family Part 2. Happy Birthday Amy! :)

    Today, on 2064 Merrington Lane it was January 3rd, 16 days before Amy’s 4th birthday! That morning while Amy, Drew and John were sleeping Mama asked Papa if they should have a birthday party for Amy.


       Papa replied, “Yes, we should. But who would we invite?” “ How about those little girls, Matilda, Victoria, Jillian, Paige, Lillian, Hermione, Nancy, Bess, Cynthia, Ally, Ginny and Megan from Amy’s preschool?” said Mama. “Oh good idea!” said Papa, “You”ll have to call the teacher and ask for the parent’s phone number.” “Ok.” said Mama, “ I’ll call Ms. Mandy later.” “Should this be a surprise party?” asked Papa. “ Why not?” replied Mama, “I’ll tell Drew and John when they wake up for school.” “Hi Mama. Hi Papa.” Drew and John chorused. “Did…” Mama started. “Yes, we heard.” said Drew. “You won’t……” Mama started again. “Why would you think we would tell Amy?” said John. “Just checking.” said Mama. “Go get ready for school.” said Papa. Drew and John go to Potter school on Gridley Lane and are in 6th grade and Amy goes to Playful Preschool on Sader Road.


      A few hours later when Mama thought it was an appropriate time to call Ms. Mandy and Amy was playing with her toys, she called the number 149-456-2637 and Ms. Mandy answered. “What can I do for you, Matilda?” she said. “Well, I’d like the phone numbers of Rebecca S, Victoria A, Jillian A, Paige R, Lillian K, Hermione G, Nancy D, Bess M, Cynthia Z, Ally A, Ginny W and Megan F. “Ok. That”s a lot of people. Why exactly do you need the phone numbers though?” said Ms. Mandy. “I’m having a surprise birthday party for Amy.” replied Mama. “Ok, I hope you have a long piece of paper with you.” said Ms. Mandy. “I’m ready.” said Mama.


      “Ok. Rebecca’s number is 149-353-7585. Victoria’s is 149-574-3646. Jillian’s is 149-857-4646. Paige’s is 149-253-7634. Lillian’s is 149-758-4978. Hermione’s is 149-454-9605. Nancy’s is 149-419-0798. Bess’s is 149-364-8656. Cynthia’s is 149-474-0784. Ally’s is 149-090-3758. Ginny’s is 149-849-7367. Megan’s is 149-218-8619. Is that everyone you need?” said Ms. Mandy. “Yes.” said Mama, “Thank you Ms. Mandy. I’ll be calling a lot of people tomorrow.” “See you tomorrow at preschool.” said Ms. Mandy. “Bye.” said Mama. “Bye.” Ms. Mandy replied. Mama told herself before she got on the phone that she would call everyone tomorrow while Amy was preschool.


      When Amy went to preschool, Mama called the parents of all the girls to see if they could come to the birthday party. They could! When Amy was picked up from preschool by Mama, after she got strapped into her carseat she asked, “What are we doing for my birthday, Mama?” “We can’t go anywhere this year because everyone is so busy. I have to go to the Preschool Council Meeting, Papa has to write a report for his work and Drew and John have the GTOK’s to study for.” Mama said. Doing what the family had to do for Amy’s birthday wouldn’t take a long time except for the meeting that Mama had to go to. She decided that she would bring Amy with her to the meeting while Drew, John and Papa get the house ready for the surprise party. The family was having the guests arrive at 11:30 and then Mama would bring Amy home at 12:00. Then everyone would have enough time to arrive and hide. When they were hidden Papa, Drew and John would start doing something unsuspicious in the Dining Room where the front door is and then when Mama and Amy got home, Papa would put Amy on his shoulders and then everyone would jump out and yell, “SURPRISE!” and Amy would be thrilled. “OK” said Amy sadly, “Will we still have cake?” “Yes, Amy.” said Mama, “What kind do you want?” “Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles, Candy Canes, Hershey Kisses, Twizzlers, Butterfingers, Kit Kats, Baby Ruth, Dots, M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Rolls, Oreos, Milky Ways, Crunches, Almond Joys, Skittles, Air Heads, Starburst, Twix and Candy Corn!!” said Amy, definitely overexcited. “Too much sugar. Way too much sugar. Sorry Amy. You can choose 1 candy for your cake.” said Mama. “2?” asked Amy. “1.” said Mama. “1 and Rainbow Sprinkles?” asked Amy again. “Ok. 1 and Rainbow Sprinkles.” Mama replied, “Which candy do you want?” “Candy Corn, Candy Corn, CANDY CORN!” Amy replied. “We’ll get some Candy Corns at Rebecker’s Store on 2nd Street. They headed to Rebecker’s and bought some candy corn. The trip home was uneventful.


   Finally, the big day. January 19th! Mama took Amy to the Preschool Council Meeting at 9:00, while Drew, John and Papa put up decorations for the surprise birthday party. At around 11:30

Rebecca, Victoria, Jillian, Paige, Lillian, Hermione, Nancy, Bess, Cynthia, Ally, Ginny and Megan started to arrive at 2064 Merrington Lane . Then when they came all the kids hid and the parents left so they didn’t make it known that there were other people in the house beside Drew, John and Papa. At 12:02 Amy and Mama pulled into the driveway. When they came in and they got the cue of Amy being lifted onto Papa’s shoulder everybody yelled “SURPRISE!” The look on Amy’s face was to surprised that you wouldn’t be able to even imagine it. Then they brought over the present and the cake and started singing in a chorus, “Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday dear Amy. Happy Birthday to YOU!” Then Amy blew out the candles and started tearing away at the wrapping paper on the first present that she could reach. This is what Amy got for her birthday:


Colorful Pen

From: Lillian



From: Cynthia


A New Series of Books (Zip & Zap)

From: Victoria


From: Bess


Crayons & Sketchbook

From: Ally


Humongous Ball

From: Nancy


Stuffed Dolphin

From: Paige


Plastic Bracelets

From: Rebecca


Hair Ribbons & Nail Polish

From: Hermione


A 24-piece Puzzle

From: Cynthia


D.I.Y Jewelry

From: Ginny



From: Megan


Stuffed Starfish

From: Mama


Stuffed Whale

From: Papa


Homemade Board Game

From: Drew and John


    Amy said, “This is the best birthday ever!” She ran around playing with her friends until it was time for them to go. Amy said thank you to everyone for coming and for the presents.

     When the mess was cleaned up, Amy had played with all her toys and she was ready for bed she said, “Thank You Mama. Thank You Papa. That was the best birthday party ever!” “You’re welcome Amy.” said Mama, “Happy Birthday.” “Happy Birthday.” said Papa. “Good night.” said Amy. “Good night.” said Mama and Papa together, “See you in the morning.” “Ok.” said Amy, “Night.” “Night.” said Papa. Then Mama turned off the light and went downstairs. That day was a good day for everyone. A little while later everyone was in bed, snoring.

   The End



Want to read the first part go to:

The Rock Family- Part 1… ChRiStMaS!!

My V.R. Experience To The Amazon Rainforest!

When I was experiencing V.R.  I got to see the Amazon Rainforest!  The Amazon Rainforest is really cool. It has tall trees and a lot of plants and animals live there.  When I was in V.R. I got to see the tall trees and a humongous amount of water.  Then I got to see how people travel on the Amazon River.  They use canoes and speedboats.

I also saw a little village were the kids go to school and where they go to church.  The village is not big but they have a park were the kids can play after school or after church.  I also saw a big field which could be for American football or American soccer.

That was my experience of the Amazon!

The Big Not So Awful Wolf And Three Smart Pigs!

By: Courtney and Emmanuel


Once upon a time there was a big  not so awful wolf.  He saw three little smart pigs.  He then wanted to ask them for some butter for his corn, so he went off to ask.  It took him hours to reach them, but then he finally came and he had no strength left in him.  So he will ask for some food too ( And maybe a drink.)  The three little pigs noticed him and they started to scream! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! And then the wolf ran away. ( Without any food or a drink. )   Then when the wolf got home he was really tired, and he got a drink and then took a nap.  Then the pigs passed the wolf’s house they DUCT TAPED the door shut!


When the wolf woke up he saw that the door was duct taped shut.  He knew the pigs did it so, he went after them to see why they did it.  When he reached their houses they all locked the door shut and didn’t make a peep.  Then the wolf knocked on the door and the pigs went CRAZY! They ran out the back door and ran as far as possible away from the wolf.


Once the pigs ran out of breath they all made their own homes.  When they were done with their houses the wolf found them, then the wolf knocked on the first pig’s house made out of plastic straws.  When the wolf knocked on the door the house fell apart and the pig ran into the next pig’s house, then the wolf knocked on the next pig’s house made out of sticks.  Then when he knocked on the door the house fell apart, then the two pigs ran into the third pig’s house made out of bricks.  Then the wolf comes up and knocks on the door and “asked anybody in there?”  The pigs stayed quiet and didn’t make a peep.  But then the one pig sneezed.  Then the wolf said “I will not do any harm I just want some butter and some friends.”


And then the pigs had a meeting and they said that he could come in.  Then the wolf came in with a lot of corn and the pigs made a roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and can’t forget about the gravy and butter.  Then the pigs and the wolf had a big feast, and the wolf even got to cut the roast beef.  I guess wolves and pigs were meant to be friends.


     The End!

Is DEFORESTATION An Issue Kids Should Worry About?

Deforestation is when forests are getting cut down to make cities, farming and paper.  I think kids should worry about deforestation because, more than 2,000 of the 3,000 identified plants with cancer fighting properties grow only in rainforest.  If we cut all of it down we won’t be able to heal the people who have cancer.


I think kids should worry about deforestation is  if deforestation continues at its current rate it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rainforests on earth!    ( That’s pretty bad! )  If we have no rainforest the air would be really sloppy.


Another reason why kids should worry about deforestation is, forests covers about 30% of the earth. Forests hold 70% of the world’s plants and animals.  ( That’s a lot! ) If we cut down forests a lot of animals will become extinct.


Also another reason why kids should worry about deforestation is an estimation of 18 million acres of the world’s forest are being destroyed each year.  That’s close to the size of South Carolina. ( That’s gigantic! )  If we lose all the forest then animals will become extinct.  And there will be no plants nor animals left on the planet.  NO ZOO’S! Because they won’t be able to find the animals that go to the zoo. People argue with this because loggers will have to lose there jobs.  


Another reason why kids should worry about deforestation because the biggest direct cause of tropical deforestation is subsistence agriculture, converting the land into pasture for livestock or to grow crops for one’s family.  I think we should try to find land without cutting down forests, if we can’t discard of buildings we don’t really use.

That is what I think about deforestation.