Week 15

For the book project I chose to read the outsiders and I journaled my thoughts of what I read, then I watched the movie and they didn’t have everything in the movie like they did with the book. For example they didn’t have sylvia and sandy in the movie like they did in the book.

Week 13 News Article

For a News Article I chose to read about the Amber Heard and Johnny depp court case, In an article I read it says Johnny depp is taking Amber heard to court because of suing her for $50 million although loud voices on the internet have sided with Johnny depp while there’s evidence of violence […]

Week 14

Since reading The Outsiders by Se Hinton for my project I decided to Journal it because I enjoy writing about the book and writing down my thoughts while reading the book. Since we could watch the movie if our book had one it’s neat to be able to write down what was different in the book […]

Unit 4 Vocab

My sister did something to agitate my dad, when people do clay or art work sometimes they have to corrugate the edges. When people do a family get together it’s an integrate, if a dog doesn’t like the vet and a muzzle doesn’t work they might sedate them. If you walk behind a horse and […]

News discussion

I chose an article that talks about when mask mandate at school should be lifted, The news article is asking people when they believe the mandate should be lifted and if their not lifted how much longer students should continue to wear them. Some staff at school’s believe they should have the option to wear […]

Independent Reading

For Keystone English we had to choose a book to read about and then we had different options for our projects, I chose to journal the thoughts on the book I read Love letters to the dead. I found the book sad because Laurel’s sister did suicide in front of Laurel. Laurel moves to a different school […]

Week 8 Vocab 3

Some knights are valient towards dangers or toward the villian, In our future we all could possibly have kids as posterity. Some parents are very severity towards their kids and doing their school work, When your in a court of law you can not perjurie. If you lie about something that could get a person […]

Week 6 book post

For keystone english we had to choose a book that we never read before and that caught our attention, I chose the book Love Letters To The Dead. I really like this book because it has a good message towards it, some parts of the story is super sad like when the character laurels older sister […]