Independent Reading

For Keystone English we had to choose a book to read about and then we had different options for our projects, I chose to journal the thoughts on the book I read¬†Love letters to the dead.¬†I found the book sad because Laurel’s sister did suicide in front of Laurel. Laurel moves to a different school because of her parents getting a divorce after her sister died which is sad because that’s a lot of different things on top of her sister’s death. In the middle of the book it start’s to get happier because Laurel gets to talk to her mom on the phone and lives with her dad, Laurel then gets a bf named sky but then they end up breaking up. This book is different than any other books I read because instead of the author writing straight towards her readers she has Laurel writing letters to the dead in her notebook, she writes to Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, and janis joplin. I loved how the book took turns and had an emotional connection almost like you could feel Laurels emotions throughout the book.

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