The missing puppy



Once upon a time in a beautiful kingdom and dogs lived in the most wonderful kingdom ever. Most of the dogs never wanted to leave the palace because of the dangers out there But there was this one puppy that was super curious about everything. SO one day the puppy had ventured out on its own and while it was looking a creepy monster had grabbed the puppy.


The next morning everyone was screaming her name but there was nothing coming out of the puppy. The puppies parents were looking everywhere and then they found a note from the monster that had taken their wonderful and beautiful puppy. The note had read you have 78 hours to try and find your daughter or else she turns into one of us and is never seen again. The parents had no idea what to do they were so nervous about what was going to happen to their daughter. The parents sent out guards and search team and no one had gotten sleep for the last 2 days. When the parents went to eat dinner they found a note at the table saying time flies when your trying to find your daughter you only have 24 hours to find your daughter.


The puppy had no idea where she was at but she was freaking out where she was at. The puppy was stuck in a net when she realized there was a piece of glass stuck in the right side of the corner in the ceiling. The puppy was swinging the net trying to get the piece of glass that she had found but then when she heard someone coming she had to figure out a way to stop the net from swinging so she could get out. The puppy was mad at the monster that had grabbed her and locked her in that dungeon then she had realized she had teeth and could chew her way out of the net realizing that she still had puppy teeth left that she didn’t lose yet.


Back at the palace daylight was running out and they wanted to get to their daughter. The family had made a big announcement that they were going to head in the woods but the monster had heard their plane. SO the monster had left a note when the parents went in their castle they were like should we read it and the dad said we really don’t have a choice unless we want to find our daughter. To be continued….

BY:Lila M

save kittens

We should save kittens because some people abuse them because they like dogs better well if they like dogs better then why would they get a cat.I know because some people want to take a video of it and then post it on any media center they can find and then they will try to be cool by abusing an animal that didn’t even do anything that is why some people abuse animals for fun and that is not ok.One time I was on youtube and then this video popped up and then said that this guy picked up his dog by the two back legs and then spun around with him and then he threw the dog into the pond and the dog swam out and then the people just kept doing it and then I started to cry and then my dad said what is wrong and then my dad picked up my tablet and

watched the video and said why would somebody do that. Well then anyways some people just do it to be cool and that is not ok because if somebody just wanted to be cool figure out another stupid way not to hurt these animals.There life could be at risk right now and that is not good so that is why I think we should save these poor little animals they did nothing to deserve being abused everyday so please help save these animals.

The twins part 2



Previously on the twins, ya come get me get in the car and we’ll go to the house and you to girls can play oh no a window broke upstairs we should go check it. Girl come down here lucy your mom’s here to get you girls.  After the girls have been taken everyone was on the lookout to try and find the girls but no one has seen them and it has already been a year and the parents started to lose faith. So the parents got married so the girls could be together but they weren’t shore that was going to happen. Lucy and Luciana were in the back of a car trying to call for help but when the car stopped he got the girls out and took them. But the person had no idea that the girls were twins and when the person turned them around they were like your not the friends that I want your the twins. Lucy and Luciana had no idea what was happening the only thing they thought about was to run so when the kidnapper looked away Lucy turned to Luciana and said run. The girls took of running as silently as they could to escape the kidnapper. When the kidnapper turned around the girls were gone the kidnapper was so mad that it took of it’s mask and the kidnapper was the mom’s sister lucy and luciana’s mom had a sister that wanted twins of her own but only had a boy and she decided to come up with a plot to take these friends to trick the girls into staying with her. But before she could tell the twins who she really was the girls escaped when she wasn’t looking. Lucy and luciana kept going until they saw the sign of welcome to chicago when they saw all the missing posters on the boards they sat and started to cry they were hungry and thirsty but they were grateful that they weren’t with the kidnapper. So the parents were driving to go to the grocery store and then they thought that they saw the twins sitting on the curb so they decided to pull over and ask them if they were the twins but there heads were down so they couldn’t tell. When the parents got out of the car they walked over and they were like lucy luciana and they took their head up and they were like mom and dad and they went back to the house and they lived as happy as they could ever be. Then 2 years later the twins kidnapper was found and the sister was happy that she had taken the twins and didn’t regret it at all but they all lived happily.

The twins

One day there was this couple who wanted kids but they were busy all the time. So one day the mom took a test and she was going to have a baby so she was super excited so she made a doctors appointment and she went and she was going to have twins and she wanted them to be a surprise. So one day day the twins were born and one’s name was lucy and they other one’s name is luciana and when the mother brought them home she was here and then there and she was even busier with the twins. So then she told her husband that she needed help and he didn’t want to have anything to do with the twins so they broke up and one took one twin and the other took the other twin. So when the twins had hit three the one twin lucy that was living with her mom was looking around and found a picture of her mom and dad and then two of her so she ran over to mom and was like who is this.  The mom goes lucy what are you doing in the photo’s Lucy said it looked interesting and i grabbed it. But when lucy turned seven and she remembered the photo lucy went up to her mom and asked her if she had a twin and her mother kept telling her no. So lucy kept going day and night thinking she didn’t have a twin. AT luciana’s house she found a photo the same one and said father do I have a twin and the father told luciana the truth and she goes then if you have mom’s number can I call her so I can meet my friend and he told her yes. So when lucy walked down to the last step she heard her mother on the phone crying saying I can’t believe your alive after seven years of you guys being seperated. Lucy ran all the way down stairs and said I do have a twin and you lied to me for the past seven years and it all started when I was three years old I cant believe you as lucy ran up into her bed room in tears lucy’s mother had no idea what to do to fix what she had done. The next morning Lucy went down stairs and her mother was still sleeping and she grabbed her mother’s phone and called her secret twin sister. Then the phone suddenly stopped ringing and she goes hello and who is this and lucy’s father was like is this lucy and she said yes and her father started breaking down in tears because he had never heard her voice and she had asked for her sister but before she said goodbye to her father she made a plan for her father to come get her and take her town where they live which is chicago and it was six in the morning so he said ok. So she talked to her sister luciana and said don’t worry I’m coming to visit you very soon but mom isn’t coming Lucy told luciana about her mother and the lie she told to lucy. Luciana was sad because she had never met her mother but she was glad about seeing her sister for the first time and that when they arrive to knock and not ring the doorbell and they agreed. Three hours past and Lucy’s father showed up and knocked lucy had come to answer she was like dad and in the car waiting for her was her twin sister. When she got in the car and they drove off 2 hours later Lucy’s mother woke up thinking lucy was still sleeping but when an hour had past lucy’s mother went up to look for her and lucy’s mother was like she’s gone and Lucy’s mother saw lucy’s window was opened so her mother quickly went down stairs and called the police. Lucy had arrived in chicago finally to be with her father and sister for a couple of days and Lucy and Luciana were so excited to see each other and to get to know each other. But a couple hours later lucy and luciana’s fathers phone rang even though he was out back mowing the lawn they answered and Luciana was like hello and their mother was like is Lucy their with you and luciana was like yes we thought she told you her plan to come visit us for a few days. So they girls had went out back and told her father about what had happened and the father was not happy but glad that he got to see lucy but instead of dropping lucy off the mother had to come get lucy. So the mother had agreed to go get lucy. While lucy’s mother was on her way the father went back to mow the yard everything was perfect and then the girls had heard a window shatter upstairs. Lucy and Luciana were scared to go upstairs but they went up anyway they opened the door and there was a person standing there and then the girls went closer and then the person grabbed them and ran off. Then the mother finally arrived after a 3 hour drive and knocked on the door but no one answered she she went around back and looked up and saw the shattered window and when she found the girl’s father she was like nice shattered window and he was so confused he was like what shattered window and they ran upstairs and they ran around the house looking for the girls and they finally got upstairs to look where the girls were and they were gone the parents just standing there the mother called the police and said her daughters were kidnapped then they were just standing at the door scared to move about what was happening to their daughters. To be continued…

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My weekend

Over the weekend I hung out with my family, On saturday me and my family cleaned the house, then we had to go to take my dog cujo to the vet to get his shot. Then we had to go to my nanas to fix her truck. Me and my sister and my mom had to go home so my dad dropped us off at our house and then we got in my moms car and we went to our cousins house to babysit for a little while. When we were done we went home and watched tv and then we all went to bed.


The Next day was sunday, So we slept in our camper and when we went inside we had to get ready for church we went we sang and prayed and our pastor read from the bible and then at 11:30 we left and got home, We had a lazy sunday because we went out to my nana’s house Saturday. So my mom and my sister went grocery shopping and then me and my dad were at home and then we went to autozone to return something then we left got home and hung at home. Then when my mom and my sister got home we watched a movie called white fang while eating dinner. It was a very good movie but also a little sad, So after we were done eating dinner we sat down and finished watching white fang and when it was done me and my sister had to go shower. So me and my sister got our pajamas and we got in the shower which there was a lot of hair because my mom emptied something and we had to turn the water on to make all the hair wash down to the drain so me and my sister wouldn’t step in it. But when we were done me and my sister dried our hair put it up and then we went out into the kitchen so we could pack our lunch for school and then we chose our movie we wanted to watch american girl lea dives in, But the firestick didn’t have it and then it made me and my sister said because we couldn’t watch it but then we watched american girl grace stirs up success witch is about a girl who liked to bake and keeps on trying even though she kept failing. Then me and my sister had to go brush our teeth which we do not like doing and when we were done brushing our teeth we went and got in our bed and waited for our parents to come and say goodnight to us and then we went to bed.


Lila’s personal profile

MY birthday is October 12th I have one sister and her name is Ella and she is in 5th grade, I have 2 dogs one named abby and then the other one cujo, My one dog is a boxer/basset hound my other dogs name is cujo and he is a springer spaniel/ Sharpay,lab. Some of my favorite hobbies are singing and doing art and dancing, one of the things that I do is play the flute. My favorite subject is art because you get to let all your imagination out on a piece of paper and make it super pretty.


My least favorite subject is gym because we have to run and then we sweat and which makes us stink the rest of the day during the school day. The skill that I am best at is science because you get to do cool experiments and learn about animals and the ocean.  The skill that I struggle with is science although it is fun I don’t sometimes get what some topics we are doing. Three things that I fear of is the dark, being alone in tight dark spaces and creepy people. If my family were a noise it would be monkey sounds because we are very funny.  If the world tasted like food it would taste like tacos because I love tacos they are so good and they have nice flavors.


Three people I would like to meet from the past would be my grandfather, Amelia earhart, paul walker.


Things that I want to change to make the world a better place.  If I could live anywhere I wanted to would be delaware because they have nice houses and they are super close to ocean city maryland so I could go anytime that I wanted to and they had nice campgrounds to go camping at.