Week 18

For my finished book project I did journaled things I noticed were different in the book and the movie and the thoughts the the book and movie. I enjoyed the movie because I got to see the characters and could see what they looked like and how differently they looked then in the book. In the book dally had blonde hair and blue eyes but in the movie he had brown hair and brown eyes and the actor that played him only reached 6 foot. Sylvia was mentioned in the book a couple times but in the movie Dally only talked about her after he got out of jail and how she was cheating on him. Sandy was mentioned in the movie once when sodapop was going to bed and ponyboy asked him what it was like to be in love, seems like this part was mentioned before sandy moved to Florida with her grandparents after cheating on Soda. Over all I enjoyed the book and movie although it did have sad parts in it and some parts from the book weren’t in the movie I still enjoyed it.

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