November 8

Blog Challenge Week Five #16STUBC : “Luke Parker Part 4” :) :) :)

 If you haven’t read Luke Parker part 3, 2, and 1.  IF YOU DON’T YOU WILL BE COMPLETELY WONDERING WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.  This part is by Brooklynn and Connor. If you enjoy this series then you should check out this persons blog. Our friend Summer. Check out her Frank Bender stories.


        Luke and his father were so confused. Were the men going to take them in or capture them? The men then stopped the circling and handed them a paper that said “ We can understand English but we can’t speak it. Do you know how to get off this terrible island? We have been trapped here for over a decade. At least we think. We sailed the sea once but were cared away in a water tornado.” We got taken up by a whirlpool when we were fishing”., Said Luke. A man walked up behind Luke and his father and tapped them on the shoulder and waved them in a direction. They walked in a straight line for a half hour. They got to a camp that had five huts made of wood and stone. The blankets were made of animal fur and big leaves.    

Luke and his father walked to the farthest hut and sat down on the sandy ground.  When they got to the hut they were so beat that they collapsed. Onto the animal fur. Luke thought that it was uncomfortable but he didn’t care, he was too tired. When daylight struck Luke thought that it was really weird that there wasn’t a lot of sunlight.  When he looked at the sun it was the tiniest little speck ever. He saw his father out by the fire and speaking to the natives, at least trying to. There was a nice piece of salmon roasting over the fire except it was the size of a boat. “ Dad how did we catch that salmon?” Luke said.  The dad looked confused he didn’t catch any salmon.

           The natives handed Luke’s father a paper, His father read aloud, “ We will provide for you and your son. But first we must go look for supplies. Follow us if you would like to come.”He announced.   So Luke and his father stayed in the Native’s hut and they took a look at a weird painting saying “Don’t listen to the Natives.  They are corrupt and dangerous.: If you want to survive them you will travel to the middle of island and wait there next to the tallest tree.” From the dark one. If you prefer to ignore this message, Well see what happens.” Luke and his father were confused, but they didn’t listen to the Dark one’s message anyway.  When Luke and his father went back to their hut for bed they were woken by cracking leaves but ignored it anyway. They suspected it was the natives returning from there hunt.

In the comments let me know if you are suspicious of anything. What will happen next? Part five coming soon.

To Be Continued………   

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4 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Week Five #16STUBC : “Luke Parker Part 4” :) :) :)

  1. stern338

    Hi Connor! I am really enjoying this series! 🙂 Thanks for talking about my Frank Bender stories in the beginning. But I wish that you would fix your grammar and spelling. I am suspicious about the mysterious painting that they saw. I wonder what will happen next…
    Please come visit my blog and leave a comment at
    Have a great day! 🙂

  2. graham31w

    Hi Connor! I really like how you made it so funny. I wish you added more funny parts to the story. I wonder why it wasn’t so long?


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