My New Glasses!


My New Glasses!     


Hey guys so I went to my eye doctors and they said I need glasses!  I  was OK with it but also didn’t know what to expect because I have never had glasses.  We looked at multiple frames and I finally picked 2 that I liked.  They had the same shape but different colors.  They both had black on the outside but 1 had a Purple Pink glasses on the inside. The other had a lighter Blue.  So I decided to go with the Purple Pink glasses.  They are bigger and they feel really comfortable.  


Here are some random facts about the glasses and why I got glasses.


  1. I’m only far-sighted in my left eye my right is fine.
  2. Because of that my left lense is my prescription my right is just normal glass.
  3. It’s Black on the outside and  Purple Pink  on the inside.
  4. They were supposed to call when they got them (I had to wait a week to get them made.), it was 9 days and we went and it was there!
  5. I got them from a Walmart.
  6. They came with something to clean the lenses with and a plain black case.
  7. I’m not supposed to wear them outside when playing and watching my tablet or TV.
  8. Last one, I’m supposed to wear sunglasses outside ( if not wearing these but, I also don’t have the transition on these glasses).


I wasn’t sure about wearing Glasses but they don’t bother me!

!!Fun At The Cabin!!

Fun At the Cabin!!


Hey guys so I’m going to tell you something that happened a few weeks ago!


So my Aunt Peggy and my uncle Nick has a cabin in the woods, so they invited my brother Jordan and I.  There also was my Aunt B and Uncle Shane with their kids!   My cousins were Shalynn, Mallory, and Shane JR.  (So you can tell the Shanes apart I’m calling the baby Shaner and uncle Shane, Shane.)  That’s everyone that was there. We were there for 4 days! (More like 3 days because 2 were almost half days.)  I will tell you it all for everyday!


Day 1:


Day 1 was all about getting to the cabin!  My Mom woke Jordan and I up at 5:45 A.M to say goodbye to my Dad! We wouldn’t see him because he would be at work when we have to leave!  Super Sad.  We all tried to go back to sleep but we couldn’t.  We were leaving at 3:00.  We were already packed Thanks Mom!  After a long day of waiting it finally came 3:00. We left to meet Aunt Peggy!  Skip Ahead a while!  We were finally on the road, after waiting so long we are now going to the cabin!  We had a dog named Rex and he was in the seat in front of us.  Skip Ahead.  We are now at the cabin.  It’s around 10:00 P.M, we were there before my other aunt and uncle.  Before they got here we all saw a bear!  (I would’ve gotten a picture but I couldn’t!)  Then, Jordan and I got to pick our beds!  The kids slept upstairs and the adults slept downstairs. (Shaner is 2 years old so he slept downstairs!) They got there and we saw another bear!  After that we went to bed!


Day 2:


Day 2 was a chill day.  We played games and went for walks, played Can Jam, and played Darts. Shaner wanted to go on every single walk that we went on so Shalynn, Aunt Peggy, and I tricked him so, we went on a short walk with him and then we told him that we were going inside to read. he went down back with the older kids and the us including Rex ran up the hill and went behind a bush. We waited for him to look the other way, then we ran to the next bush waited for him to look away. Rex had no idea what was going but he ran with us like it was a game.  We did that until he couldn’t see us anymore. Then we did the same on the way back. We went on more walks, played more games, and chilled. Then we went to bed.


Day 3:


Day 3 was definitely the Most fun and most hectic.  We went kayaking.  It was really hard, I was in the double Kayak with Jordan.  That was not a good choice. The paddles were really short so you could only go one way.  We had a hard time finding me a life jacket to wear.  I switched with Shalynn and I went in a 1 person kayak. I was bungee corded to Mallory.  Jordan and Shalynn were in the 2 person Kayak. Mallory did most of the work so yeah for me!  We did get unbunched a few times.  We were ahead for about 10 minutes from all the adults but Jordan, Mallory, Shalynn, and I were all together.  When we got to the end we had to stop in the rapids.  Mallory and I got unbunched again Jordan hopped out of his and grabbed mine.  Then we went to the shore and Jordan and Mallory went up to take the one kayak up, Shalynn and I stayed down there.  Once the adults caught up we took all the stuff up and we got into the vehicles and went out for ice cream.  We played Can Jam, Darts, ate, and chilled.  Then we went to bed.


Day 4:


Day 4 was a chill, pack up, and leave day.  We all got assigned cleaning jobs.  I was clean counter and table. (Pretty easy that’s why I picked it.)  I was the first to finish my chore so I got to relax.  Aunt B and Uncle Shane and their kids left at 2:00.  We were going to leave at 5:00, we left at 4:30.  We stopped to get something to eat and take Rex to go to the Bathroom.  We stopped at Burger King, there was grass so Rex could go to the Bathroom.  It was all on the road, we played the sign game.  The sign game is when you go through the Alphabet by looking for the letters on signs.  We met my Mom and Dad then drove home.  My dog Trigger was very happy to see Jordan and I.  Last it was all back to normal after that.


                                                           That Was My Trip To The Cabin!      


Weird but Useful Life Hacks You Need To Know!

Easy and Useful Life Hacks.


(I got some of these from videos on Youtube)


. To hold your hair ties get a carabiner and put all your hair ties on your carabiner.


. If you need to figure how to spell a word but, wants to make sure that what auto correct is the right thing.  Search what you want in google and press image.  It will show you what you searched for.


.  When you’re studying have your hair down, or else you will get headaches which we all hate.


.  To see if batteries are good or bad drop them.  If the give 1 bounce they’re good if they do a few bounces they’re bad.


.  To keep your charger from breaking, or bending put a spring from an old pen on it and it won’t bend and break.


.  To remember which key goes to which paint the tops with nail polish then, remember which color goes to which lock.


.  When you get sauce in little cups unwrap them for easier access.


.  Put a cupcake liner on the end of the Popsicle so when it melts it doesn’t go on you.


.  For an easy ice pack get a clean sponge put it in a bag and freeze it, overnight it will freeze and make no mess.


.  When you drink soda with a straw put it through the tab to keep it from bobbing up and down.


.  Hold OREOS with a fork when you dip it in milk so you don’t get  milk on your fingers.


.  Freeze a water bottle quarter way filled up BUT ON ITS SIDE.  Then you will have one side filled with water, and ice. To keep it cold.


.  If your fly’s down put a keyring on it and put that over the button. Never again!

Last Blog Challenge! NO! #STUBC17

My Blog!

For the last student blog challenge they want me to evaluate my blog! Let’s get started.

  • How many posts did you write?
  • 77 posts
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
  • School Based – 27, STUBC – 17, Free Write – 21
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
  • I added 1 Me – 59, Classmates – 55, Teachers – 13, Oversea – 29.
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
  • It was a tie with 12 comments, It was Was The Big Bad Wolf Really Bad?Also What’s Your Favorite Part Of School? Which is a padlet. I feel like the padlet was most because of my mentor. The Big Bad wolf is probably because of it’s not something you see normally. Go visit both of the here: Favorite Part of school, Big Bad Wolf.
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
  • Luke Parker School Adventures Part 4, because it was just funny to write. Go check it out: Luke Parker School Adventures Part 4!
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?
  • Nope!
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
  • 10 would have 11 if my blog would allow pets, Not Enough!
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?
  • 5
  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?
  • I used 9 web tools all padlets!



That was my evaluation of my blog!


The Pegasus and Rainbow Bird!

The Pegasus And Rainbow Bird!


Once upon a time there was a rainbow bird named Georgia and a pegasus named Magical.  One day Georgia was flying as fast a she could and then Magical popped out of nowhere “Are you okay.”, Georgia asked quickly. “Yeah I’m fine it’s just I need to go to the uh nevermind”, Magical said out of breath.  “Tell me Tell me I won’t tell anyone you told me.”  Georgia said in a sassy way.  “I need to go to my… aunt’s house”, Magical said quickly. “Yeah that makes sense”, Magical whispered to herself.  “Liar liar your pants are on fire.  I know you’re lying I have lie detecting powers.”, Georgia said. “Fine you want to know where I’m going. I’m going to a party that only Pegasi can go to.”, Magical said knowing that Georgia would be mad.  ‘That sounds fun I’m going to a party to only rainbow birds aloud.” , Georgia said loudly. “Really because I thought you would be mad!”, Magical said surprised.  Then Georgia and Magical  just remembered that they were almost late for their parties.  “Oh My we’re almost late mine starts at 9:00 P.M and it’s 8:45 P.M. AHHHHHHH”, Magical said worried.  “OMG my party starts at 9:00 P.M to.”,Georgia said while flying as fast as she could to the party.  “Let’s go!!”, Magical said in a hurry as well.  As they arrived at their parties they realized the parties were next to each other. “Oh our parties are next to each other I wonder why it’s a little weird.”, Magical said surprised.  Then they saw pegasi going threw a little hallway between the two places into the Rainbow bird party.  “What the heck is going on why are pegasi going into the rainbow bird party!” , Georgia  said surprised. “I don’t know why but I’m going to my party Bye!”, Magical said nicely.  “Wait a second come with me to see what’s going on with the parties please.” , Georgia said worried because she didn’t know what was going on. “I have no idea either lets just go to the party we were invited to.”, Magical said while she was going into her party. So they both went to the their separate parties.  “Fine bye Magical!”,  Georgia said angrily. “Why did you say it in a mean tone. Do you not want to go to your party. What’s wrong?”, Magical said confused.  But Georgia had already walked away from Magical.  At that point Georgia didn’t care what Magical said at all. “Ok?”, Magical just walked into her party now mad at Georgia.  “Uh I’m just trying to make some friends around this town that I moved into,but now I’m moving out!” ,Georgia said sadliy.  As Georgia started to load up her bag she really realized that this wasn’t her town to live in. “Hi I’m Magical and I would like to see if you could be my new friend. I don’t have many in this town because I just moved in.”, Magical said to this one pegasus. “Oh hi my name is Sparkle and I don’t have many friends either. Mine just moved away, her name was Georgia.  “Oh Georgia she’s rude.  Wait she’s moving where why?” ,Magical said in a rude and confused tone. They lived in the cloud castle for ever and now she’s moving. “She said she’s moving to funny fortress.”, said Sparkle to Magical.  Meanwhile while Georgia is half way to Funny Fortress she’s remembering the fun times in Cloud Castle that she had with Sparkle her best friend. “Uh so many memories. It brings back the good old days. Oh well I’m leaving this place now.”, Georgia said with a sigh.  “I’m going after my bestie I don’t know about you Magical, but bye.”, Sparkle said to Magical while running out the door.  “STOP I don’t want you to leave. Unless aloud to come with you.”, Magical said to Sparkle.  “Okay get your bag it’s a 2 day trip to Funny Fortress, and I don’t want to have to look in all the houses for her.  Me and Georgia have been besties since like we could crawl.” ,Sparkle said to Magical crying because her friend is gone. “I know where she is she doesn’t like to energise for long so she would take a break soon. Let’s go now!”, Magical said ergent.  “Eh I hate this motel but I need to rest!  I didn’t want to move but cloud castle isn’t the place for me I only have one nice friend and a rude one.”,Georgia said to herself crying. “Well let’s now get a move on to Georgia now!”, Sparkle said. While Sparkle and Magical left, Georgia had to rest at the Animal Gem Hotel.  “Uh it’s to sparkly.  I hate sparkles I should’ve stopped a Animal Grey hotel!”,Georgia said angrily.  “Okay her hotel that she always stops at is Animal Gem Hotel let’s go now now now!”, Sparkle said to Magical.  Sparkle and Magical almost passed the hotel, but the flew in and asked if any rainbow bird named Georgia Looloo came in. “Yes we have she says that she will only be here for the night. Do you need to see her I have an extra key.”, said a nice rainbow bird boy named Jacob. “Yes I do need the key for her room. I need it in about 1 minute because, she goes to sleep always at 9:00 P.M exact!”, Sparkle to Jacob.  “Georgia is her name right she’s nice and pretty.”,Jacob said kindly to Magical and Sparkle.  “What did you say!?”, Sparkle said questioning Jacob.  “Nothing I said nothing.”,Jacob said firmly.  In Jacob’s head he said well there’s an over protecting friend. “Back off Jacob!”, Sparkle said firmly!  “Do you want the key or not Sparkle?”, Jacob said Firmly back.  “Yes Please, Please, Please give me the key I made a mistake!”, Sparkle told Jacob.  “OK here.”, Jacob said while handing the key over.
  “Hope you guys don’t fight.”, Jacob said politely.  “I hope so to!”, Sparkle is now worried they will fight.  But what Sparkle didn’t know is Jacob was tricking her just like she tricked Georgia.