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Hey guys I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  We have been on summer break for the past week or so.  I might be writing some humor stories or just random stories that I wrote.  If you have any ideas for me to write make sure to leave them in the comments below and I might choose your suggestion. I will give you credit in my story if someone gave me an idea.  Alright that’s all I have to say for now!  I’ll see you next story, and maybe that story would be one of your suggestion! Bye!


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FiNiSh My StOrY!




“Where am I?”, said Anne.

“It’s alright sweetie.”, said Mom

“MOM? Where are we?”

“In your room dear.  What are you talking about?”

“I don’t quite know what I’m talking about.”

“Ok? Maybe you should rest more.”

“MOM I’m fine.”

“Alright!  I’m going to my room.”

“BYE!”, Anne said to her Mom. Her mom waving back to her.  After she left Anne didn’t know where she was.  She called and called but weirdly no one came.  Usually when she calls, someone comes and knocks on the door.  Anne got up but, then fell.  Like her legs aren’t working.  She was so confused!  She called and called and called and finally someone came.  It was her Mom.

“Honey why are you calling us?”, Her Mom said.

“I’m on the floor”, she said, “Help me up!”

“You aren’t on the floor, you’re in your bed.”

“WHAT!”, Anne felt the covers her mom put on her.  She could swear she was on the floor before her Mom came in.

“Get more rest honey.  Seriously!”

“Alright!”, Anne said again as her Mom left the room.  She cuddled with her stuffed animal and got comfy.  Then, she perked up and remembered what happened!


To Be Continued……

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Our Wheat Article      

   By Izzy, Brooklynn




Do you like Bread, Cake, and Doughnuts?  Well if so you’re going to love WHEAT!

History of wheat     


Wheat was first grown on the mountains in the southeastern turkey. Also grew in the middle East Wheat was first introduced to America on the 15th century.Wheat was first grown around 9,000 years ago. In 2013 China produced 96% of our wheat.Long before the beginning of agriculture they gathered wild wheat for food. About by 4,000 B.C.,farming wheat had became a thing and spread through Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa. BY 6000 B.C.,farmers were milling cereal grains by hammering them with stone pestles and were toasting milled grains.People in some areas grew so much grain they feed people in different lands.

Were it grows and why    

Wheat grows in all different places but the main place we are talking about is Pennsylvania. The reason it grows well in Pennsylvania is because we grow it in the summer and April. It is warm in the summer and April. Also it needs lots of sunshine and rain. It needs 12-15 inches of rain.


Products you can make with wheat   


Wheat products we can make are flour, bread, cakes, cookies, pastries, and other baked goods. You can also make pasta, pizza, breaded and battered foods, cereals and some canned soups. Also you can make crumpets, muffins, noodles, biscuits, cereal bars, and more! Wheat is a very popular crop and is used in lots of things.  


 Facts About Wheat        


Wheat covers more of earth’s ground than any other food crop.Wheat is one of the worlds most important crop.Young wheat plants have a bright green and look like grass.The main parts of a mature




In conclusion we think that wheat is very helpful.  It’s important to the PA agriculture. It’s worth 212 million.


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Here are 10 facts about me.  After reading this post you will know more about me. Leave your blog link down below and you should make a post about yourself!

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  1. I have glasses
  2. I like the Philadelphia Eagles
  3. I’m a dancer
  4. I do Hip-Hop
  5. I’m in 5th grade
  6. I play clarinet
  7. My favorite color is teal
  8. My favorite subject is math
  9. I like to draw
  10. My friend Kayla has a blog:  Her blog


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