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Our Wheat Article      

   By Izzy, Brooklynn




Do you like Bread, Cake, and Doughnuts?  Well if so you’re going to love WHEAT!

History of wheat     


Wheat was first grown on the mountains in the southeastern turkey. Also grew in the middle East Wheat was first introduced to America on the 15th century.Wheat was first grown around 9,000 years ago. In 2013 China produced 96% of our wheat.Long before the beginning of agriculture they gathered wild wheat for food. About by 4,000 B.C.,farming wheat had became a thing and spread through Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa. BY 6000 B.C.,farmers were milling cereal grains by hammering them with stone pestles and were toasting milled grains.People in some areas grew so much grain they feed people in different lands.

Were it grows and why    

Wheat grows in all different places but the main place we are talking about is Pennsylvania. The reason it grows well in Pennsylvania is because we grow it in the summer and April. It is warm in the summer and April. Also it needs lots of sunshine and rain. It needs 12-15 inches of rain.


Products you can make with wheat   


Wheat products we can make are flour, bread, cakes, cookies, pastries, and other baked goods. You can also make pasta, pizza, breaded and battered foods, cereals and some canned soups. Also you can make crumpets, muffins, noodles, biscuits, cereal bars, and more! Wheat is a very popular crop and is used in lots of things.  


 Facts About Wheat        


Wheat covers more of earth’s ground than any other food crop.Wheat is one of the worlds most important crop.Young wheat plants have a bright green and look like grass.The main parts of a mature




In conclusion we think that wheat is very helpful.  It’s important to the PA agriculture. It’s worth 212 million.


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  5. I’m in 5th grade
  6. I play clarinet
  7. My favorite color is teal
  8. My favorite subject is math
  9. I like to draw
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!!!Best Work Day Ever!!!

Best Work Day Ever!!



     “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!”


     “Ah waking up at 7:30 instead of 6:00, is the best,” I whispered to myself.  I usually don’t like getting up in the morning but, it was a late day because it was Christmas Eve. “Hi honey,” Michael said while handing me chocolate shaped like stars.

     “You didn’t have to.  I have to go to work.  I will be back at 3:00 ,” I said to him.

     “But it’s not Christmas,” Michael said.

     “It’s Christmas Eve.  So people are traveling tonight so we get off early,” I replied back to him.  I then got in my car to leave.  On my way to work I heard my favorite song on the radio, I won $100 on that station or I could get a car or an awesome Hawaii trip, and got 2 free concert tickets to Ariana Grande on January 2.  


     I got to work and opened the glass door to the waiting room. “Hi Kayla, how are you?” I asked her.

     “Fine thanks.  You only have 2 appointments today. The first appointment, is with Buster Sarinas’ dog, at 10:00 A.M. The second appointment with my dog Laci, at 2:00 P.M.”  

     “Oh thanks!,” I replied.  Next, I went to my office.  I had one hour until Busters’ appointment.  So I went over my other patients that I need to check on.  I gave 2 animals their medicine.  One was a cat so it took a little while to get her to take it.  Finally, it was only 10 minutes until Busters’ appointment.  

     “Hi Sarina! So what’s wrong with cute Buster here? He doesn’t look sick,” I asked Sarina

     “Well that’s reliving that he doesn’t look sick to you.  But, he’s not eating.  We give him his food, usually he comes over right away to eat but, he hasn’t been doing that. He also usually comes in and wants food when we eat dinner but, he hasn’t been doing that either,” Sarina replied.  We took him over to the scale to weigh him.  He weighs 90 pounds.

     “That’s a lot of pounds for a small dog.  How long has this been going on?”

     “About  3 days ago, we didn’t take him in the first day because we thought that he was just full but,  he still wasn’t eating.  So we decided to make him an appointment.”

     “Aww poor thing.  I think that it is nothing serious.  He could just have a stomach bug.  Some medicine will fix him.”


     “Wait how much food to you feed him?”

     “Like 3 cups a day.”

     “That’ the problem no medicine needed.  You only need to feed him 2 cups a day.  But, you should start feeding him 1 cup a day until he starts looking like he’s hungry,” I said then, she left.  After that it was lunch break.  It took a while to finish giving her the medicine and the check up, so now it was 12:00 P.M.  It was my Lunch break.  I ate and when I was done eating I only had 1 hour until my appointment with Kayla’ dog Laci.  I was all caught up with my work so I thought that I would ask Kayla if she could come in earlier.

     “Hey Brooklynn!  My appointment isn’t for another 25 minutes right?” Kayla asked me.

     “I know but, I don’t have anything to do so I wondered if you wanted to come in early?”

     “Oh sure just let me go grab her she’s in my office, sleeping,” Kayla walked away and went to her office to get Laci.  I went back to my office she knew that I was going back there to get something, so she just brought her there instead.  She didn’t want her with the other dogs out in the waiting room.  We did all the normal things you do for a checkup.  Weight, height, allergies, etc.

     “Hi Laci,” I squeaked in a really annoying voice but Laci loves it.

     “Bark!” Laci barked at me while wagging her tail.

     “Laci calm down now,’ Kayla said.

     “So what’s wrong with Laci she seems like her normal self?” I asked kind of confused.

     “She keeps scratching herself over and over again,” Kayla explained.

     “Ah.  Have you put any flea and tick stuff on her or no?”

     “No I don’t have any, I didn’t know that they were bad this year.”

     “Well that’s your problem.  They were really bad this year but with the snow here they all died.”

     “Well if they were bad this year how comes she still has them?”

     “Did you let her go in the snow?”

     “No she doesn’t like the cold so she stayed in.”

     “So they never ied on her.  So she still has them.”

     “Oh so you are saying that since she never went out they never got in the cold.  Wait all the snow is basically melted now what?”

     “You need to get her some flea and tick to let it soak in her skin to kill them.”

     “Thank you!  What’s the best kind to get?”

     “I think it’s Flea and Tick remedy.”  


     “No problem!” I ended the conversation right as she left the room.  My work day was almost over.  I was cleaning up my work space and Kayla came in with a smile.  “Hi,” I said to her questioning why she’s here, and smiling.  

     “Hi.  I want to give you a raise.  You have done so good.  So you know you get $15,000 a year.  This is a bit of a long jump but, we want to give you $20,000 a year.”

     “WHAT!?! Are you joking? I swear if you are joking I am going to be MAD!”

     “No jokes here we’re serious.  We think you have helped so much and, we never get tips when you aren’t here but, when you’re here we get tips.  We think that you deserve this.”

     “Thank you! THANK YOU!!!”

     “No problem,” Kayla left the room.  I was so happy.  I couldn’t wait to go home and talk to Michael about this.  I went home I was so happy.  


     “Hi honey I have some good news for you,” I yelled throughout the house as I was entering.

     “Really what is it,” said Michael also yelling throughout the house. 

     “Where are you I need to tell you face to face?”

     “In the bedroom,” Michael yelled.  He wasn’t getting out of bed so I went over to him.  Luckily I was going to go there anyway to get changed out of work clothes.  “What’s the news?” Michael asked again.

     “I got a raise!”

     “Really how much like $1,000.”

     “No…… Instead of getting $15,000 a year…… I GET $20,000A YEAR!”

     “WHAT THAT’S CRAZY!!!!!!!”

     “I know!! Oh and I won $100 on my favorite station.  We have to go and pick it up tonight.  They also said to whoever wins you will have a chance to win either a car or a Hawaii vacation.,” I screamed through the house.  “Well let’s leave now so then we can maybe stop and get dinner at a restaurant.”

     “Well let’s go then.”  We got in the car and and drove to the radio station.  

     “Hi are you the people who won the $100?” one of the crew members asked.

     “Yes we are.  I thought you guys said we also could have a vacation or car?”

     “Oh yes you have to pick between curtain #1, Curtain #2, or Curtain #3.  One of these curtains have the vacation, one has the car, and the other has money.  Your boyfriend may look between 1 curtain and give you a hint on what it is.”

     “Ok go look at curtain #2,” I said to him.

     “It’s beautiful and hot.”

     “I want #2.”

     “You just won.  A HAWAII VACATION!”

     “YES!” we picked up the plane tickets and left.  We then went out for a nice fancy dinner.  Lastly, we went home and went to bed.

     “That was my Best day ever!” I said to my daughter Rebecca at work 2 years later.

     “You and dad really did that?”

      “Yes and it was the best.  Someday that could happen to you.”


 My dream job is to become a veterinarian technician.  So this was the story of my best work day ever. Hope you guys enjoy it.  Comment down below, what your dream job is?




!!!Word Of The Day!!!


Discombobulated means confused, embarrassed, upset.  Also can mean broken or mixed up.  He are two examples for each definition. I felt so discombobulated  when I gave my speech in front of the class and forgot what to say.  All my tablet apps are all discombobulated.

Hope you liked it!  Try using this word at least once today.

Information used from: Wikipedia.