Deforestation! *NEW*

Deforestation *NEW*

Deforestation Picture

So, I already made a deforestation article a little under 2 years ago and I want to bring it back and revise it. I’m going to make it more relevant to people and what is still happening. If you want to go and check out my other deforestation article here is the link: Deforestation. Let get into it, shall we?

           Look at the picture above, this is what deforestation actually looks like. It messy everywhere and no greens ANYWHERE! It used to look beautiful but now, it looks like this. We seriously need to help. To learn more continue reading…

                 Scientist or experts have estimated that about 500,000 square miles or 1.3 million square kilometers of land is deforested every 10 years! That is 50,000 square miles or 130,000 square kilometers is cut down each year! That’s crazy to think. Also about 36 American football fields are cut down each minute. Where most of this is happening is in more tropical areas like rain forests. Lots of deforestation can not be fixed and is VERY permanent. There may be some forest that can grow back, but most can’t which is why this is a HUGE problem.

        Another thing is deforestation causes is global warming. When they would burn all the trees it causes all that carbon dioxide into the air and pollutes it. It can also lead to erosion if the forest is on a steep hill. If something falls it can pick up more and more dirt, tearing it up from the ground. It is also making less and less oxygen for us. Plants and trees help carbon dioxide get turned back into oxygen. So, we need plants to help us survive.

The last thing is very important. How do people not think of this when they are cutting the trees down. They are taking homes away from animals and making them have to go and find new places to live. Think about it, your house or home just gets pushed and pushed by a bulldozer and you can’t do anything about it. This happens while you are eating a family dinner at the kitchen table. That’s what is is like for animals when we cut down trees, we cut down their homes that they live in. Many people think well they can go find a new place to live. Well that may not be the case, if we cut down a whole entire forest they will have to go a long way to find a new one. They then have to adapt and try to find more food. People don’t usually think that it is that extreme, but it is.

I hope you guys liked this article! Please try to help deforestation it really is serious. If you want to help please go to: Global Goals! And help. (It’s free) There are also so many websites that you can go to and help donate money for.

???Do We Need To Help???

             So this is Global Goal~#3 Good health and well-being. In this I will explain what the goal means and why it’s SUPER important.

        The goal means that everyone in the world, rich or poor, old or young, EVERYONE gets good health care and are being taken care of nicely. It also means to have everyone be healthy and stay healthy all the time. So more than 3 million people die each year due to a sickness. AND about 1.5 million of these deaths are children who are less than 5 years old. That means, many people and many children die from being sick. So, this is why WE need to help and why it’s important.

         The questions I have are, Is there any free hospitals in the world? The answer is no, there are no FREE hospitals in the world. That was really one of my only questions but, if you have questions leave a comment below and maybe I’ll go and make another post on answering your questions.

         I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Like I said if you have questions about ANY of the global goals PLEASE leave a comment below. Also, if you have any other story ideas please leave them below as well. Here is my two websites that I used for getting my information  2. Also if you want to know all the global goals go to: Global Goals!

?Why Does Life On Land Matter?

         I think Life On Land is important because, WE LIVE ON LAND! We are apart of the life on land community. So if we live on land and we are also destroying land then, we are putting one: ourselves in danger. And two: Animals, and plants are in danger. So we need to stop this NOW.

Now you may be wondering, “Well what are we doing that is causing this” and my answer to that is… deforestation. If you don’t know what deforestation is it is us cutting down trees and ruining animals and plants habitats. I have a more in depth post about deforestation if you want to check it out here’s the link: Deforestation.  So that is basically the big one. I mean we are cutting down trees which one we need to breath, and have clean air and trees and plants help us do that. So us cutting them down just is ruining it for all of us. We are also hunting animals for meat and for their value. Some animals help us make clothing, art, medicines, trading, and lots of other things.  So these are all the problem that we do that CAN and DOES affect the world we live in.

So we need to stop this now. We need to stick up for Life On Land. And finally we can have clean air, and amazing habitats for us, animals, and plants. So please help and go to Global Goals! We need to stop this now and start helping!

???Can We Help???


                                         Boat                                                                 Equals                                                   Glass of Water

So some people when they see those 3 pictures they don’t think that much of it. Other people think “that is that what I am drinking.” Only a few people think, “this is a problem.” Those few people are ABSOLUTELY right. This is a massive problem. The water we drink could of came from that river/ocean. The water is so polluted that we can’t even see through it. So if we want clean water for every single human being out there in the world then we can’t have a water looking like that. Yes the water we drink looks so clear but that’s because we have been able to take all the nasty stuff out and purify it so it is safe to drink. What if I told you that there are people out in the world who drink that nasty and filthy water. What would you think?  Now that some people know that this is a problem they are now thinking, “so what have we done to try and stop the water from getting so polluted?” Well here is what this article is all about. ‘

There has been many inventions and only some worked. There is this guy names Michael Pritchard he made a water bottle that cleans dirty or filthy water. He made what is called the LifeSaver. It is called that because one day this could save your life. It can take dirty or filthy water and make it clean and filters it. So the LifeSaver can help if you live somewhere where there is dirty water everywhere. Or if you live in an area that gets lots of floods. Then you can take the dirty ground water and turn it into good and healthy drinking water. So if I was in any of those areas then I would probably buy this water bottle.


Thank you for reading my story, I hope you did enjoy it. If you are wondering where I got my information it came from background knowledge and from the website: TED. Also if you want to go and help go to: Global Goals! Make sure to comment down below what your favorite part of this story was, or if you have a suggestion for me also leave it below. (Make sure to leave your blog link in your comment so I can go and visit and also comment) Bye!



!!!Global Goals!!!


All of those goals are apart of the 17 Global Goals. In class we are learning about the Global Goals and I wanted to tell you about them as well. So here is why the Global Goals are so important.

The goals are important because, if we don’t stop them the Earth will become separated and we could all once not be able to live here.  So yes I think the global goals are important and I think you should too! Again if we didn’t have the goals the Earth wouldn’t be a good place to live. Now I know all of these goals are SUPER important but, I think one of the most important goal is goal number 3. I think number 3~Good health and well-being is something we need to stop! I think we could build FREE hospitals and have doctors come out to everywhere in the world and help people who are sick. Once a week they would go and see if anyone is sick. If so they take that person to the hospital make them better, then they’re done for that time.


I still think all of them are important it is just, we all need to help. Help take care of our environment and help everyone around us! To see all the global goals please visit the website and if you also want to help please go to: Global Goals! and sign up. Thank you for reading and I hope you will join all the people who have also joined the Global Goals. (By the way it’s free to sign up!) Alright BYE!



The Camping Trip! (Gone Wrong) Part 1!

The Camping Trip! (Gone Wrong) Part 1

Camping on Flattop. Chugach State Park, AlaskaCreative Commons License Paxson Woelber via Compfight


     One night my parents decided to go on a camping trip.  They said they wanted to leave tomorrow, so that meant one day to get ready for a week of camping.  We didn’t even know where we we’re going, they just said to get ready. We never really went full on camping at a site because there was no place near us.  So we just started to packing up all the essentials.


     When we were done packing clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste, snacks, etc. We each had two bags, 3 bags of snacks for all of us, and the tent. So we got in the car and my brother asks my parents, “So, where are we going?” My Dad responded with, “To a camping site with a water park!” My brother and I didn’t pack a swimsuit because they didn’t tell us. “Umm Dad I didn’t pack my swimsuit”, I said. “Me neither”, my brother said confusedly. We were already 10-15 minutes away from the house so we had to turn around.


     When we got back in the car my Mom asked all of us, “Okay did you forget anything else?” I replied saying “Is there any other secret things about this place, that we don’t know about?” “No there shouldn’t be any other surprises”, My Dad said sarcastically.  So we were on the road again everything all packed up once more. We realized that we would need to put gas in the truck so we went to the gas station. We have never went to this gas station but it was the closest one to us at that moment in time. When we pulled in the gas station we went to the one pump and my Mom got out and was out there for a few minutes.  When she came back in she said, “I don’t think they have the gas that this truck needs here?” So my Dad went out to go and check. When he came back in he didn’t really say anything but, “What gas station doesn’t have multiple variations of gas?” So we had to go and find another gas station that was 45 minutes away.


Do you think that they’ll ever get to the camp site?  What else will they forget? Stay tuned until next story to find out? Comment down below what your predictions are!

!!!Long time No post!!!

Hey guys I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  We have been on summer break for the past week or so.  I might be writing some humor stories or just random stories that I wrote.  If you have any ideas for me to write make sure to leave them in the comments below and I might choose your suggestion. I will give you credit in my story if someone gave me an idea.  Alright that’s all I have to say for now!  I’ll see you next story, and maybe that story would be one of your suggestion! Bye!


Where to find this image.

FiNiSh My StOrY!




“Where am I?”, said Anne.

“It’s alright sweetie.”, said Mom

“MOM? Where are we?”

“In your room dear.  What are you talking about?”

“I don’t quite know what I’m talking about.”

“Ok? Maybe you should rest more.”

“MOM I’m fine.”

“Alright!  I’m going to my room.”

“BYE!”, Anne said to her Mom. Her mom waving back to her.  After she left Anne didn’t know where she was.  She called and called but weirdly no one came.  Usually when she calls, someone comes and knocks on the door.  Anne got up but, then fell.  Like her legs aren’t working.  She was so confused!  She called and called and called and finally someone came.  It was her Mom.

“Honey why are you calling us?”, Her Mom said.

“I’m on the floor”, she said, “Help me up!”

“You aren’t on the floor, you’re in your bed.”

“WHAT!”, Anne felt the covers her mom put on her.  She could swear she was on the floor before her Mom came in.

“Get more rest honey.  Seriously!”

“Alright!”, Anne said again as her Mom left the room.  She cuddled with her stuffed animal and got comfy.  Then, she perked up and remembered what happened!


To Be Continued……

Please comment below your ending of the story and finish the title. You can fill in the blank with whatever you want!  And if you do then,  I’ll give you a shoutout!  Just make sure to leave your blog URL so I can go to your blog and show/tell other people about your blog!  Thank You!  BYE!