?What Do I Want To Be?

?What Do I Want To Be?


      What do I want to be when I grow up: a veterinarian technician!

        Why: I want to be a veterinarian technician because, I want to help animals in need. I love animals and I can’t stand to see an animal that’s not healthy. A veterinarian technician is an assistant to an actual veterinarian. But, not to be confused with a veterinarian assistant. So here are the 3 different types of vets.

1. Veterinarian assistant: They mainly do the weighing, feeding, and taking the temperature of animals. Sometimes, they give medicine, nursing care, and cleaning out animals cages. All information from: Website!

2. Veterinarian technician: Draw blood, assist in surgeries, manage anesthesia, and also give medicine. They can do a lot more than that, really the only things they can’t do are make a diagnoses call, perform the surgery, and prescribe medicine. All information from: Website!

3. Veterinarians: They do a lot! They can do, diagnose animals, give medicine, help animals suffering, treats wounds, set fractures, do any type of surgery, helps the owners about caring for the animal, distract animals, provide care to help the animal in the future, provide X-rays, ultrasounds, blood, urine. etc. Website!

So that is what all three types of vets do. Also, why I want be a veterinarian technician. I don’t want to be the main person doing the surgeries. I want to help them do it but, just thinking about working in the animal is just weird to me. This is why and what I would be doing if I grew up and became a Veterinarian Technician. Post coming soon about being a Veterinarian Technician! So Stay Tuned!


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