!!!Christmas Tradition!!!

All images used from: Pixabay.

  • We have a Christmas tradition where my dads’ side has Christmas on Christmas Eve. and my Moms’ side has Christmas on Christmas day. That way we aren’t all trying to fit in two families in one day.
  • We always go to Shady Maple and eat breakfast for Christmas. Afterwards we go over to my Nana’s house and stay there the whole day. That is usually for the parents to finish shopping or for them to wrap some presents. It could also be used for just some relaxation time for them.
  • While we are at my Nana’s house we bake cookies. Play some games with each other. Watch some movies that she has. Lastly, just chill out and play on our phones or Ipods.
  • When we go over to my Grandma’s house we always go in our PJ’s

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