How To Write Awesome Comments!


How to write awesome comments


 Start a comment with something you liked about the story.  Make sure it’s specific.  So if someone wrote a story about fish and you said, I liked the story because it had how fish are born and how they breath, that’s a good comment.   Now if you would say I liked the story.  That’s not a good comment you didn’t say why you liked it.  So they don’t know what to keep doing and what not to do.  


 When you’re writing you want to use Stars, Wishes, and Wonders.  If you don’t know what Stars mean you want to say what you liked about the story.  A Wish is when you tell the person what you would want to happen in the story.  The last thing is the Wonder, the Wonder is when you ask a question about the blog post.  So if the post is about fish, and when you were reading you wondered how fish breath you can put that in the comment.  So you would say  what you liked, the story was good because I like fish.  Then you would put a wish, I wish you said more that they eat.  Last you would write a wonder/a question, I wonder what fish eat?


 Also you want to make a conversation starting.  Make a good conversation don’t make one that’s like I liked your story, it was good, your the best writer ever.   Be a good sport don’t say I hated the story.  Be nice say I think you should maybe go back and change some words.  Don’t be mean and say you  better go back and change everything or I’m not coming back.  Don’t forget your teacher will read your comments before they get posted.
 That’s really all you need to know about commenting.  REMEMBER: Don’t be MEAN, Start a GOOD conversation.  And always use Stars, Wishes, and Wonders.