Weird but Useful Life Hacks You Need To Know!

Easy and Useful Life Hacks.


(I got some of these from videos on Youtube)


. To hold your hair ties get a carabiner and put all your hair ties on your carabiner.


. If you need to figure how to spell a word but, wants to make sure that what auto correct is the right thing.  Search what you want in google and press image.  It will show you what you searched for.


.  When you’re studying have your hair down, or else you will get headaches which we all hate.


.  To see if batteries are good or bad drop them.  If the give 1 bounce they’re good if they do a few bounces they’re bad.


.  To keep your charger from breaking, or bending put a spring from an old pen on it and it won’t bend and break.


.  To remember which key goes to which paint the tops with nail polish then, remember which color goes to which lock.


.  When you get sauce in little cups unwrap them for easier access.


.  Put a cupcake liner on the end of the Popsicle so when it melts it doesn’t go on you.


.  For an easy ice pack get a clean sponge put it in a bag and freeze it, overnight it will freeze and make no mess.


.  When you drink soda with a straw put it through the tab to keep it from bobbing up and down.


.  Hold OREOS with a fork when you dip it in milk so you don’t get  milk on your fingers.


.  Freeze a water bottle quarter way filled up BUT ON ITS SIDE.  Then you will have one side filled with water, and ice. To keep it cold.


.  If your fly’s down put a keyring on it and put that over the button. Never again!

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