The Camping Trip! (Gone Wrong) Part 1!

The Camping Trip! (Gone Wrong) Part 1

Camping on Flattop. Chugach State Park, AlaskaCreative Commons License Paxson Woelber via Compfight


     One night my parents decided to go on a camping trip.  They said they wanted to leave tomorrow, so that meant one day to get ready for a week of camping.  We didn’t even know where we we’re going, they just said to get ready. We never really went full on camping at a site because there was no place near us.  So we just started to packing up all the essentials.


     When we were done packing clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste, snacks, etc. We each had two bags, 3 bags of snacks for all of us, and the tent. So we got in the car and my brother asks my parents, “So, where are we going?” My Dad responded with, “To a camping site with a water park!” My brother and I didn’t pack a swimsuit because they didn’t tell us. “Umm Dad I didn’t pack my swimsuit”, I said. “Me neither”, my brother said confusedly. We were already 10-15 minutes away from the house so we had to turn around.


     When we got back in the car my Mom asked all of us, “Okay did you forget anything else?” I replied saying “Is there any other secret things about this place, that we don’t know about?” “No there shouldn’t be any other surprises”, My Dad said sarcastically.  So we were on the road again everything all packed up once more. We realized that we would need to put gas in the truck so we went to the gas station. We have never went to this gas station but it was the closest one to us at that moment in time. When we pulled in the gas station we went to the one pump and my Mom got out and was out there for a few minutes.  When she came back in she said, “I don’t think they have the gas that this truck needs here?” So my Dad went out to go and check. When he came back in he didn’t really say anything but, “What gas station doesn’t have multiple variations of gas?” So we had to go and find another gas station that was 45 minutes away.


Do you think that they’ll ever get to the camp site?  What else will they forget? Stay tuned until next story to find out? Comment down below what your predictions are!

3 thoughts on “The Camping Trip! (Gone Wrong) Part 1!

  1. Really the story has to end it there! In the story you said you never went to a gas station before, is that true? Your story goes on and on and of course you just stop it right there. But really great story, good job.


    • Hi Emily thank you for commenting on my blog! What it said was “We never been to THIS gas station before.” So it was that particular gas station. Thank you thinking it was a great story! Make sure to leave your blog link so people can get to your blog as fast as possible to comment.

  2. Hello Brooklynn!

    Thank you for coming to visit my blog! I love how this story enticed me, and how when I got to the end I was sad! I think that you’ll get stuck in this huge traffic jam or construction zone. Hopefully, you’ll get to the water park!! 😉 I wonder what inspired you to write this? Have you had a similar experience? I wish that you had included more because I WANT TO READ MORE!!!!!! Please come back and visit my blog at ! Thank you Brooklynn!


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