Clarence the Lonely Cheeseburger!

There was a lonely cheeseburger named Clarence. Clarence was once in a restaurant and almost got eaten. It was so scary! He thought to himself, “PLEASE DON’T EAT! PLEASE!” Well little did Clarence know that he wanted to get eaten. This is the story of Clarence the lonely cheeseburger…

       Clarence thought to himself, “When are they going to get me out of this bag? I can’t see or smell anything but the rude french fries who think they’re better than me. UGH! How dare they think they are better than me? That’s obscure!” Then, the french fries started talking, “Hey you stupid cheeseburger guess what?” “What?” replied Clarence. “We’re the best thing since sliced bread,” the french fries all replied. Clarence started to cry a bit and didn’t want the french fries to see him. Then Clarence thought of a comeback, “Well at least I have sliced bread!” “NO you have a bun! NOT SLICED BREAD,” the french fries replied.

Finally the french fries went to sleep and the Clarence heard car doors opening. He knew he would finally get out of this bag and be eaten. Clarence was thinking, “I don’t want to get eaten! PLEASE DON’T EAT ME!” But, Clarence then thought this to himself, “Maybe I do want to be eaten? I would go to live a better life than I have now. I might even be able to find a cheesybuger (A girl cheeseburger)” He was so excited to get out of this bag. Smell fresh air and then, the worst thing happened. As he saw light from the top of the bag. He got picked up and THROWN IN THE TRASH CAN! He heard people talking as they closed the lid. “I can’t believe they don’t serve fries by themselves. What a waste! Like we would eat that disgusting cheeseburger.” Clarence felt horrible. He thought, “I’m glad I’m not by the fries anymore. They would tease me more than they did before. At least I have some peace and quiet to himself until Tuesday. When the trash gets picked up.” But still Clarence’s dream would come true and he would get to live a different life.


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