!!!My Favorite Activity Is Dance!!!

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My Favorite Activity Is Dance!

My favorite activity is dance because, you can do many things in dance.  Like different styles or moves.  Another thing dance can do is it can be used with a lot of people or with 1 person.  Here are some styles of dance hip hop, acro, musical theater, ballet, jazz, sassy jazz, contemporary, and lyrical.  There are even more styles that’s just some.  You can dance to let your feelings out.  Like when your sad, happy, and even mad.

Here are some dance moves that you can do.  A grand jete, a spin, pique (it’s a type of spin.) and plie.  Some things you can do with dance is do recitals.  You can also do compitions.  When you do a competition there are judges, and you can get placed in the top 10.  There are plenty of things you can do at real competitions.  You can do solos, duets, trios, group dance and more.

When you are dancing you can do what ever you want.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not one style it can be many.  You can do two styles at once.  You can also not even need to go to a dance studio to dance, you can just make up dance moves that look like dancing.  When you dance let your body just move and have fun.  

Dancing is like an exercise but it’s really fun!  I dance and I never went to a dance studio.  That means that you can dance without going to a studio.  Even if you dance and you don’t like the style you’re doing there are plenty other styles.  If you do dance just be ready to do the following sweat, feel pain, work real hard, and have tons of fun.  Hopefully this helped you if you want to dance.  Lastly have fun and don’t give up.         

6 thoughts on “!!!My Favorite Activity Is Dance!!!

    • Hi Katie I also didn’t know that you liked dance. I also like drawing and singing and also baking. Keep commenting please!

  1. Hi Brooklynn, I LOVE dance too! What made you start liking dance? My friends persuaded me to go to after school clubs and now i love dance.


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