The Camping Trip! (Gone Wrong) Part 2!


        So we drove to the other gas station. The only good part is that we had to go that way anyway. Also, we only had about 5 miles left in the gas tank when we got to the gas station. So we continued to drive when we went past a Walmart! We stopped because we realized we needed bug spray. When we were looking I saw this really cute and comfy sweatshirt and remembered I didn’t bring one. So we bought it and we got 2 things of bug spray. We were going to the car when my Dad didn’t see my sweatshirt anywhere. “Hey Brooklynn didn’t you get a sweatshirt,” He asked.  “Yeah. Why?” I asked in a confused way. “Because I don’t see it in one of these bags,” My Dad replied. Turns out we left it in the store. So me and my Mom went back to go and find it. We found it and got in the car. We were on our way to the campsite. It was only 1 hour away. YES! “Alright guys we only have to be together for another hour and we’re at the campsite!” my Mom said.

           All of us were tired and we needed to sleep. Me and my brother dozed off and our parents woke us both up. I woke up and said, “Are we here?” My Brother said, “I’m hungry!” so we both were complaining. “Well we aren’t there yet but, we are getting food,” My Dad replied. “I’ll take it,” I said back. We were at a Red Robin. We went in and ate. Talked about everything else and what we are going to do at the campsite. When we were done we got back in the car and went off. My Brother and I slept for 30 minutes so we only had about 30 minutes to go. I fell asleep to videos on my laptop.

           My parents woke me up again and said, “WE’RE HERE!”  “FINALLY,” I replied. I didn’t think we forgot anything and we did a triple check when we left the house the SECOND time.

If you guys want to here what happens when we get to the campsite leave a comment below. Also make sure to give your suggestions of what I should put in the story. If you have any other ideas for me to write leave that below and I will try to make that story and give you credit. (Make sure to leave you blog URL so I can visit your blog easier and comment on your stories) Bye!

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