!!!Global Goals!!!


All of those goals are apart of the 17 Global Goals. In class we are learning about the Global Goals and I wanted to tell you about them as well. So here is why the Global Goals are so important.

The goals are important because, if we don’t stop them the Earth will become separated and we could all once not be able to live here.  So yes I think the global goals are important and I think you should too! Again if we didn’t have the goals the Earth wouldn’t be a good place to live. Now I know all of these goals are SUPER important but, I think one of the most important goal is goal number 3. I think number 3~Good health and well-being is something we need to stop! I think we could build FREE hospitals and have doctors come out to everywhere in the world and help people who are sick. Once a week they would go and see if anyone is sick. If so they take that person to the hospital make them better, then they’re done for that time.


I still think all of them are important it is just, we all need to help. Help take care of our environment and help everyone around us! To see all the global goals please visit the website and if you also want to help please go to: Global Goals! and sign up. Thank you for reading and I hope you will join all the people who have also joined the Global Goals. (By the way it’s free to sign up!) Alright BYE!



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    • Thanks Leila! I was going to say that but, I knew I was going to have to write a post all about the commercial so I didn’t put it in. My favorite goal is goal #3 Good health and well-being. I will definitely go and comment on your blog!

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