Birthday Balloons!!!

Hello Everyone! If you didn’t know I LOVE balloons and It’s getting closer and Closer to my Birthday. The thing I love to do most on my birthday is take a balloon and make static electricity. Then I go around shocking people! Just for fun, I even play with a light bulb, a balloon and my head. First I rub the balloon on my head, then put it close to the light bulb. The light bulb should glow. Here’s A funny Balloon video, It’s made by RCLbeauty101. She Is another one of my favorites. It’s called The Giant Balloon challenge ( obviously). Well, enjoy!

My Activity!

   One activity that I love to do is ballet. Ballet is my favorite activity of all times. One of my favorite things to do in ballet is, Swan lake, 4 little swans. For some people, This might be hard. It was at first for me, but then I got the hang of it and I can do it profesionaly. It took me a bunch of tries and a lot of effort, but I made it and love preforming it. One part That I couldn’t get was the part where we have to do “pas de chat” and lift our knees REAL high. But, if I try to hard, it will look horrible. In ballet, you have to make every single move look super easy. And trust me, it is not anywhere near easy.


                Ok, back to “Pas de chat”. This fancy word is a move in classical ballet. Swan lake is one of the classical ballet plays and people pay thousands and thousands of dollars just to see this beautiful play. Or, you can just watch all of it on youtube. Pas de chat is pronounsed like this

 (pa de sha) To do the move pas de chat,  you have to raise one foot and bring it to the knee, then put that foot to the back, then repeat that to the other foot then put it all together… You did a Pas De Chat! But remember to lift it real high!


                It’s my favorite because every since I was 6, I’ve been dreaming to dance the magnificent classical ballet, and here I am doing what I love! Did you know, that every dance like hip-hop, Jazz expressional dancing, etc. is based on ballet? And that all these ballet moves are french words? These are some facts I’ve learned throughout my ballet years. But, I know many more. When I dance, it’s like I’m in a magical world, almost like the nutcracker, ( another classical ballet play) My favorite scene in the nutcracker is “The Sugar Plum Fairy” dance.


                The Fairy is so ellegant and graceful! Her dance is beautiful but, it takes a LOT of work, I saw that the Sugar Plum Fairy’s dance, at the end she does a million twirls and doesn’t look dizzy one bit! For fun, me and my sister count how many times she spins around in her one dance, but we loose track at the end of the scene because she spins so fast and so many times. Also, there are many other ballet plays, like they could do disney princess plays too! They do Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

      That last paragraph was about all of the classical ballet plays that are my favorite too. Ballet to me is the world and is so extraordinary and astonishing, All I want to do is dance the ballet the rest of my life. But for now, I have school and orchestra, and a lot of things before that. If you want to try out ballet, you can try online classes or click on this Cavod Academy Of The Arts. This is where you can learn ballet from the beginning and to the end where you earn pointe shoes. Don’t know what pointe shoes are? well, Pointe shoes are a type of ballet shoes that allow ballet dancer to stand on the tip of your toes. My dream is to become a prima ballerina so I can dance the classical ballet.




Our VR experience

Hello everyone! This is my See Think Wonder sheet where we have to explain what we saw in VR and what we Thought in VR and what we wondered/ had questions about in VR. you guys are going to see a lot more of these in the future. If you didn’t know, Our classroom was so lucky because we are able to use VR in the classroom. We are glad that our foundation was kind enough to give us a grant SO HUGE to buy a set of 10 VR. This is really cool and we are trying to make this happen for everyone and this is such a huge opportunity for us.

2nd grade trout


               Brook Trout Fish Are Here!!

In Mrs. Whitson’s 2nd grade class, they are raising Brook trouts. Right now there are 186 brook trout eggs. When the brook trout eggs came in, they came in a UPs  truck in a box. In the box the eggs came in a plastic bag. Under the bag, to keep them cool there were Ice packs under the plastic bags.

      There were originally 239 but sadly 53 died. The rest have already hatched and are at stage #2. Now they are called Alevin. They don’t have mouthes yet so, on there tomaches they have something called yolk sacks to feed themselves . Did you know that when brook trouts are 2 years, if they are healthy fish, they will lay 1,000 eggs.                                                                     

         Only 10 of them will make it and become adults the rest of them become food for the food chain. When you raise a brook trout, you have to have perfect tempeture. In the tank the tempeture is 53 degrees.

            Now the trout have become frys. If you stick your finger up in the air, and then bend it, the side that is parallel up is an inch. That’s how big a a fry is. Their yolk sacks are also getteing smaller and they are developing fins, scales, mouths, and slime.  They like eating their food called fishy flakes. They are headed to their next stage, fingerlings!!!

             These trouts are now ALL frys!  They love doing bubble rider which is when the trout swim to the surface on a bubble. It sounds really cool. If I were a trout. I’d definetly want to be a bubble rider!  But, sadly 4 died and 180 remain. All of the trout are starting to swim up where they go out of the redd.. AND their yolk sacks are all gone!! I mean can you belive that?!?