Should Kids Worry About Deforestation? YES!

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Is Deforestation an Issue Kids Should Worry About?

 Kids should worry about deforestation.  They should know at a young age because then when they grow up they can fix it.

 Some things that you might not know about deforestation is that…  More than 2,000 of the 3,000 plants that we could identify help cure cancer!  The other fact is that 30% of the world is covered in forests.  There is 70% of animals and plants are in forests.  We are taking their home away!

 Some people might argue….  One strategy to preserve tropical forests is to teach farming methods that do not destroy the forests.  In ‘shade farming’ certain crops like coffee are grown within the forest without cutting down many trees.  Now this is a good solucion but here’s another one that would help and super easy.  USE LESS PAPER!!  We use WAY too much paper, can people start making less paper.  Make double-sided paper if you need to.  

  Kids should worry about deforestation because when they are young they can start out small, then when they grow up and become an adult they can make a bigger difference.  

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