?Why Does Life On Land Matter?

         I think Life On Land is important because, WE LIVE ON LAND! We are apart of the life on land community. So if we live on land and we are also destroying land then, we are putting one: ourselves in danger. And two: Animals, and plants are in danger. So we need to stop this NOW.

Now you may be wondering, “Well what are we doing that is causing this” and my answer to that is… deforestation. If you don’t know what deforestation is it is us cutting down trees and ruining animals and plants habitats. I have a more in depth post about deforestation if you want to check it out here’s the link: Deforestation.  So that is basically the big one. I mean we are cutting down trees which one we need to breath, and have clean air and trees and plants help us do that. So us cutting them down just is ruining it for all of us. We are also hunting animals for meat and for their value. Some animals help us make clothing, art, medicines, trading, and lots of other things.  So these are all the problem that we do that CAN and DOES affect the world we live in.

So we need to stop this now. We need to stick up for Life On Land. And finally we can have clean air, and amazing habitats for us, animals, and plants. So please help and go to Global Goals! We need to stop this now and start helping!

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