Animals make people happy!!!!!!!!!!

I believe that you know what cats are. Of course, many “cat ladies” around the world own cats. “Oh, dear. Whatever shall I do with you, Leaf?” Jenny was a kind old cat lady. She had found a cat on the side of the road, and she named it Leaf right away. Jenny lived with her favorite (and only) brother, Johnnie. Jenny had used to have many siblings, 5, to be exact, but her only one left was Johnnie. Johnnie was usually “a sad old man”, as he told everyone, and he only 30 years old! Jenny was twenty. Johnnie never really was a happy person, but he was trying to be as cheerful as he could. One day, when Jenny found a cat, a amber colored Abyssinian cat, she named it.“Leaf?! Ha. Who would ever name some cat that name?”  Johnnie was kind of grumpy today, thought Jenny; Jenny had gone to bed in her room. She went out to “Buy Things for Pets”, which was her favorite supermarket. (It was kind of like a Walmart.) She had bought Leaf a bed there, and once she did, the next day, at the exact same time, she found another cat! He was a Norwegian Forest cat, and that was Johnnie’s only favorite kind of cat. It was the only one that he didn’t yell at it, and almost even worse, Johnnie did that and he also let the dog out to get it when it went on the lawn when Jenny was out somewhere. The dog’s name is Digger. Digger is a fully black dog, a Labrador Retriever, and he has red eyes and a dark red collar and it says, “DIGGER. RETURN TO JOHNNIE AND JENNY IF FOUND ONCE LOST, OR DIGGER WILL DIG IN THE GRASS OR ANYWHERE AND HE’S OUGHTA THINK, I WILL BURY YOU THERE.” That’s what his other tag said, and then the other tag was his certified rabies tag to show he wasn’t a rabies dog. The Jay family only had two other dogs that looked the exact same as Digger: Grabber and Jaws. But since Jaws was a gray dog who had a white collar, he used to be black but now his chest is white and he eats white Puppy Peroni sticks (a different kind of food instead of for Pup-Peroni) and he liked to eat a LOT. Grabber looked at Digger all the time. He tried to grab him. But then Jenny found out that Grabber was grabbing Johnnie’s sock one time, and she helped Johnnie and got a doggy gate that Grabber could NOT jump over and he could NOT open it or go through it. But, the other dogs could. Grabber was the thickest dog, and he did not like to be too short and not too strong to get over the gate. But, Jenny always figured things out. One day, Leaf was not there! Just the Norwegian Forest cat that Jenny found. Then, a Berman cat came, Persian, Siamese, and so on. At the end, Jenny had literally 10 cats! (Not including Leaf.) “Siamese, you’re Sam, Persian, you’re Percy, Berman, you’re… uh, well, I don’t think Johnnie would be too happy that any of you guys are even here anyway. I guess I’ll just call you-” “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” Johnnie was bursting in the room, letting all of the three dogs come in. Luckily, the cats went into their big 6-foot Cat Tower. It was tilted, and it looked like a doll house for cats. The dogs didn’t know what to do. They thought it was a regular house, inside of Jenny’s room! But, Jenny noticed something: Leaf was in the Cat Tower! “Leaf!” Jenny said, shooing all the dogs except Jaws first, and I will tell you that she never had to be rude like she did with the other two dogs, and she left Jaws in the room. I know, Jaws sounds like a really scary name for a dog, but honestly, he was only a Great Dane and Greyhound and Bloodhound mix. He was the only dog that only barked if there was a fire truck. “Leaf,” Jenny called, “I’m going to introduce you to Jaws. Jaws, say hi!” Jaws panted, smiling, for as long as someone could say hi. Leaf walked over, and she smiled. “See? I thought I would never be able to help you, Leaf, but it seems as if you have a friend!” Jenny exclaimed. She finally realized that she helped her cat, and she thought that she would help her brother, too. He was doing “Shakepaw!” with Grabber, and sticking a treat in between his claws, and he was also doing “Twirl around!” with Digger. He took Digger’s collar off, and he did that to Grabber. Grabber looked and tried to do what Digger was doing now: catching his tail. Digger’s big, bushy tail was appealing to dogkind, and Grabber’s thin little non-short tail was hard to catch, because it was so thin. Digger could just grab one of his tail furs, and he’d be all right. “Johnnie?” Jenny called, peering into the living room. “What do you want?” Johnnie mumbled. “Johnnie Jay! For Cat’s Claw sake, I can’t even hear you!” Jenny looked worried. Jenny squeezed Johnnie’s entire body once he got up, and said, “What?” That night, Jenny went into her bedroom after eating fish burgers with cheese balls, caesar salad, veggies and dip, and iced tea, and water. A white Angora cat, Moon, came and sat by Jenny’s head when she was sleeping in bed. Then, Ben, the Berman cat, came and slept on Jenny’s FACE. “Ben,” Jenny whispered, “Go to Johnnie’s room and make him happy. I’m sure that he would like a face warmer.” Jenny whispered into Ben’s ear. Ben walked mover to Johnnie’s room, slithered through the door, which was cracked open, just a little bit. “Ben?” Johnnie scowled. “What’re you doing here?” he tiredly mumbled. “Grrr…” Jaws was growling. “Oh, shut those little jaws,” Johnnie scowled again. “Grr!” This time, Johnnie heard a unlocking a door with the wrong key sound. “J-Jenny?” Johnnie scaredly called for his sister, and Jenny woke up. “What?” Jenny said, replying, sounding scared, too. I would never had done such a thing, replying in the middle of the night. “3:00. Someone’s outside,” Johnnie answered. “And I think you should go and get them.” Johnnie went on. “No,” Jenny cried. “I can’t. I can’t do it, I’m sorry. I can’t I can’t do it, Johnnie. I’m sorry. Johnnie, I can’t do it…” Jenny’s talking stopped as Johnnie petted Jaws and he calmed down. The siblings were talking on the phone to each other, and Johnnie decided to go up and check on Jenny. Besides, Johnnie was the one who was the oldest, and he was 10 years older than Jenny! “Jenny?” Johnnie asked, climbing up the ladder as he opened up the attic door; that’s where Jenny slept. “Johnnie…” Jenny cried. “I… I saw something looking at me through the window.” she said, closing the window. Johnnie helped Jenny because she was scared. As soon as Johnnie got closer to Jenny, because he was tiptoeing like Jenny was a ferocious bear, and that Billy, standing under her knees, Billy was the picnic basket. He flicked on the lightswitch. “It’s okay, Billy.” Jenny shivered, petting Billy. “Okay! Well, that’s finished,” Johnnie said, putting on a warm smile. “It’ll be okay!” he said, acting very happily, like he just caught the last rainbow trout in the stream. “No!” Jenny cried, backing away from Johnnie. “Just be happy that I got my AR-15 with me, and-” “No, you did not! That’s why I’m backing away from you!” Jenny whimpered. “Go get it! Pump shotgun, AR-15, and your Golden Scar!” Jenny demanded, looking at Johnnie sternly, like he was a child, who had just stolen the cookies or ate the cake when he wasn’t supposed to. “Howl!” Jenny and Johnnie jumped, holding each other. “JAWS!” Jenny ran down the ladder. “Jaws?” Jenny cried as she walked down the opposite hallway as Johnnie. Johnnie was going into his room, to get his guns. “I see a person in the window!” Johnnie exclaimed, and Jenny heard him scaredly. “I’m out of ammo, except for the Pump Shotgun. It has about five bullets left!” Johnnie said, walking worriedly over to Jenny. “NO!” Jenny said. “DIGGER!” she screamed. “Digger? Oh, yeah!” Johnnie cried, too. “Jaws? You find him? I got Grabber,” Jenny said like she was the leader of the entire world. “I got Grabber, he’s all right.” Jenny repeated. “Jaws’s outside! I let him out at 1:00, because he wanted to go outside.” Johnnie said. “But, that’s not Jaws or Digger. It’s a bear.” Jenny pointed out. “DIGGER! JAWS! PEPPERONI STICKS ARE HERE!” Jenny and Johnnie called out for their dogs out the window, once they were sure the bear went away. Digger and Jaws staggered out of a bush, scared, with their tails under their legs. But once they were back inside, not hungry anymore, they were okay. I would’ve never let them out, though. This is how 13 cats, 3 dogs, and 2 humans were the happiest people in the world.

Sadie’s Adventures Part 5

The Adventures of Sadie

Part 5

Hi! It’s me, Sadie Wanda Graham, and do you like my stories of me? I think they’re really cool! But anyway, if you never read my other Sadie stories, then that’s okay. You don’t need to. But, my favorite sister ever, Ash, calls me Sahd Tahd Tahd Tahds, Yes. She Is. That’s my name! Well, anyway, on May 14th, Ash took me outside and I saw a annoying neighbor and she was crawling around on her lawn!?!?! I know, right?! That’s so weird that someone would do something like that! But anyway, just wanted to let you know. That’s a thing that I saw. I also smelled chicken because I was right by the deck, which is where the grill is at. I smelled chicken, because Dom Doms and Mommyboos (what I call Dom and Mom) were making chicken. On the grill. And it smelled heavenly. Well, anyway. These are NOT fake stories and I hope that you guys can give me some ideas for the new Batwoman series! Thanks for reading, and bye!






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Batty for Bats

               Batty for Bats!

    By Ashlyn Graham


Have you ever wondered about bats? Bats are nice animals that can help us, and the environment. I think that we should build bat houses in the park and the surrounding areas because of this.

                                    Bats are Nice!

Bats are nice animals that help us, and our environment. You might be wondering, why? Or, how? Bats can eat harmful bugs that eat farmers’ crops. That makes our food healthier, because the farmer does not need to waste millions of his well-earned money, just to get these really expensive pesticides so that the bugs don’t harm the food. Bats help by eating them. Bats are also nice because they pollinate plants, just like bees!  Bats are very special, even though they are not the biggest population.

                     Why are bats limited?

Bats have a small population. People can harm them by going and cutting trees, where a bat might be sitting. Another problem can be people going into caves, where bats are. That’s probably how the white-nose sickness came from. They had a type of sickness on them, and they went into the cave, and they spread it on one bat. That poor bat was contagious, and sadly, the white-nose syndrome spread all around the bat population. What the white-nose syndrome does to bats, is, it weakens their skin and their wings. It wakes them up from their winter hibernation. Of course, the bat is hungry. The bat can’t fly because of the weakness on its skin. There is no food in the wintertime. The wintertime weather is cold, and the bat can’t find any food, neither can it be warm. Do you think that there would be mosquitoes, the bat’s food, when it’s snowing? Of course, you shouldn’t! The bat freezes on the outside, and it gets the fungus of the white-nose syndrome goes on it, and the bat starves to death, and it freezes to death. That’s why we should get bat houses. It can protect the bats from freezing.

                         How can we help?

Bat houses help. It gives bats a different place to live. If the bat lived in a tree, and someone cut that tree down because of deforestation, we can give them a better chance of not dying out.

                          More about Bats

  1. Bats are the world’s only flying mammal.
  2. Bats pollinate crops.
  3. Bats eat bugs that harm crops.
  4. Bats don’t have rabies. Actually, there are very few bats that do.
  5. Bats don’t live in hair.
  6. Bats don’t suck blood. Only vampire bats do.
  7. Bats don’t harm people. Vampire bats only harm the things that they drink blood from, which does not include people.
  8. There’s no reason to be afraid of bats.                         A Clear Summary of Bats

Bats. the world’s only flying mammal species, are endangered because of white-nose syndrome. We can build bat houses to help save them, because they do very good things for people. I don’t think that we should be afraid of bats, because they don’t harm people. A way that we can help bats, is, we can make bats some bat houses.


Bats use something called echolocation. This is when bats are flying around in the night, and they want to catch food. They make a high-pitched noise that’s above our hearing range. That noise bounces off of a moth or mosquito. It can tell the bat what speed the thing is going, if it’s even moving at all, and what it looks like. The bat’s echo can bounce back to the bat. Echolocation is called echolocation because the bat echoes, to find the location of food. Bats really aren’t blind. Bats can actually see pretty good! Bats just can’t really see good in the nighttime, when they are awake, because usually bats aren’t awake in the daytime-because bats are nocturnal.

                    Why should I build bat houses?

I think you should help save bats by building bat houses because bats can help pollinate crops. Bats can also get sick with WNS, aka White-Nose Syndrome. If bats can get a home, they can probably not get sick. It’s also, for me, okay if a bat wants to live in my house.


Lots of people just aren’t really convinced yet, of why we should help bats. But here’s what they think:


Myth: Bats always get tangled in human hair.

Fact: Bats do not become entangled in human hair deliberately, though they may dive for flying insects near a person’s head.


Myth: All bats bite and carry rabies and diseases.  

Fact: Not all bats bite and carry diseases. Bats seldom transmit disease to other animals or humans, but bats are wild animals and should not be disturbed, in case they are carrying certain diseases.


Myth: All bats drink blood.

Fact: The bats of Newfoundland and Labrador do not feed on the blood of people or animals. The little brown bat is a harmless insect eater. With the exception of the tropical Vampire bat (not found in Canada), most bats feed on insects or fruit. Soon an anticoagulant (a substance that hinders the clotting of blood) found in the saliva of the vampire bat may be used to treat heart patients.

(These myths are located at this website: )


                            Help bats!

Please help bats! These reasons are why you should help to build bat houses and save our bats!

Sadie’s Adventures Part 3 or 4

Sadie’s Adventures by Saydoth Wanda Graham

Book 3

February 19th, Monday

9:56 in the morning

Chapter 1: The Goings On

Ash already left with Mom to go to work and school. That only leaves ME with the unusual DAD! No! Now my day would be horrible when a puppy just wants to stay home and watch the construction over at Wildflower Ridge. But instead, I have to try and fake that I’m sleeping and bite Dad and bark at his coat. It’s practically the exact precise same way whenever Dominic is home after school at around 3:00. He just screams at me, goes to the bathroom, ain’t wanna take ME out, and of course, play Fortnite or The Crew Calling All Units with his friends, Gavin and Brandon. The sad part is that I am happy to see him, but obviously he’s never excited to see me. Which is so unfair.

Chapter 2: Sleep!
I am free writing this as a dog to practically say that this is America, and I should not be disturbed by my father or brother when I am making these writing thingys and also when I am trying to sleep. I always bark if someone is annoying me, but it’s not really like that’s gonna help. It’s just that these odd humans think it’s cute when I try to annoy them! What the heck, people? And yet, I am writing to you people.

Chapter 3: Konga

I wish I could do my Kong, also known as The Konga, to the humans here in Fairville Heights, and most people think it is hilarious if I growl at them. “Hey people!” I usually bark. “I’m ONLY growling at you peoples because I am eating Peanut Butter! Duh! What do ya think, peoples?!” I yap all the time.

Chapter 4: GTG
Sorry, but I am getting disrupted right now by Dad and he is annoying me so sorry but I got to go.

Also, one more thing: Another Meepland series is coming up! It’s about Mip.

Cat Notes by Roki the Kitten

Cat Notes by Ashlyn Graham

Day 1

3:00 AM Hey! It’s me, Roki the kitten! Right now, I am playing with my toy mouse, Squeaky.

3:02 AM Basically, now I need to eat my food.

But now I am seeing a creepy guy who looks like a creepy clown holding a red balloon and a knife. Cat lifes are odd. These cat books are probably gonna be short, but it’s not like they’re scary. Imagine yourself by PENNYWISE THE CLOWN! Right next to him were a rake man and a scary rake dog! I fled up to my owner’s room. I slept on their bed until the scratching and the popping of the balloon and the scary bark of the dog would stop. I slept for the rest of the day like that.

Hi again people

Hi peoples. Can you please give me ideas for stories? Thanks!

Hello friends!

Hi friends! I am so happy that it is the school year because now I can blog! (Because my computer at home broke and nobody ever bothered to fix it. But, hey, I need you peoples to give me some ideas for what I should write about! Btw you should do Mr. Geiman’s blog challenge. See ya!

Meepland 2: The Mystery Part 1 ?

Meepking was laying in bed. Then he heard a knock on the door at the bottom room. Which is the lobby. So then, see, he goes down there. Mip, one of his fellow meep friends, was there. “Meepking,” Mip said, “Meepland is flooded.” Mip shuddered. “Well how did you get here, Mip, if the rest of your family is at home?” Meepking asked. “Uh, well, I, uh, um, you see….” Mip said. Mip was very very very suspicious. And furthermore, he was wet. “Well, Mip,” Meepking said, looking around the room, “did you see anything?” “Yes, uh, I guess.” Mip then explained that he was walking by the Laffy Taffy shop in Wonka World (which is a thing that I do not even know if it had been made or something) and next after that he said that he saw someone in the hole in the side of the Candy Cave. Next Meepking went to the building, yes, that building that I am going to describe later. He stepped up to the doorstep of the new townhouse and rang the gargoyle’s ring in its nose. “Wait are you sure that this is the right place?” Meepking asked Mip. Yeah you would think since it is Meepking’s sister’s pet that he’d know where it is.”Huh, yeah all right. I have been coming here for days ever since that thing happened.” Mip explained. Meepking asked his trusty sister to come and help. Yes his sister was a unicorn, but she could help. She has a horn that can do anything (except come off because then she’d be a donkey.) Then Uni helped look. When they got to Wonka World, they saw the cave. “C’mon, guys, ride on my back.” Then they found the culprit. It was Willy Wonka I will tell you the rest of the story in the next story.

Navajo Code Talkers TDAs ?