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Thanksgiving traditions #16STUBC by Ash

Hi guys! This is my newest post-Thanksgiving traditions! I am super excited for Thanksgiving in a few days. I am really gonna eat a lot of turkey this year! Hey, one of my traditions btw is I ALWAYS EAT VANILLA ICE CREAM! I also eat turkey like always always always and I have a question for you guys: Why do some people eat decent dinners during the rest of the 364 out of 365 days of the year and have a huge feast and you get to eat a loooooooot of food and eat the most food on earth on Thanksgiving? Anyway, I like having smores pie and the stuffing! The tradition in my family is that youngest lights the candles, which is me, 2nd youngest is me and then my brother and then my mom then my dad and we have candles that are like holiday Christmas colors and they are candles, but anyway I like to eat all of the stuff except the cranberry stuff because I do not know what that is for. But anyway, I hope all you world have a good Thanksgiving and have a lot of food and fun!

Why We should Have Uniforms in school

Hi people. I have a lot of reasons of why we should have uniforms here in school.

  1. I think we all would look nice
  2. Nobody would be bragging about oh my shirt is so much better than yours
  3. Nobody would be like your shirt is ugly
  4. Nobody would be like looking different
  5. Nobody’s shirts from home would be stained at all with like juice or grass stains
  6. Nobody would have a shirt too long or too small
  7. Some girls wear long dresses and trip on them and if we all had uniforms then we would just have pants and a long sleeve shirt and a tie, even the girls
  8. Some people would like being twinsies with their BFF shirtwise
  9. Some people would like looking like that too
  10. Some people would, if the shirt is black, then if they get some drink stain on it then it would just look like nothing

Improving My school

              Improving My school

#16STUBC by Ash

Hi guys. This is what I would do to improve my school:
1.Make the bathroom stalls make it so nobody can peek through at you

  1.  Make the tables be super fancy and people get dessert with school lunches
  2. Have toy time
  3. Have lunch time for 6 hours which is the whole school day
  4. Make there only be 30 minutes of school one day a week
  5. Make everyone be nice and have DAWG fields
  6. Make there be 85 minutes of being outside for play because all I do all day at home is video games and eating and playing with toys and playing with friends is cool
  7. Make there actually be something to do when I am waiting for my mom to pick me up in the office

9. If  any school at all one day and one hour of school a week

What I would do when i leave school by Ash

What I would do when I leave school by       Ashlyn #16STUBC

Hi guys what’s up this is my new post for Blogging and I am gonna tell you what I will do once I leave school.


  1. I would go and buy a whole bunch of stuff to throw the biggest party in my whole life.
  2. I would go diving and pet dolphins.
  3. I would go on a trip to Brazil and Minnesota.
  4. I would buy myself a blue macaw.
  5. I would be an ornithologist, a person who studies exotic birds.
  6. I would be so happy and jump all over the place

So anyway people, this is my new post from what the list says you can type about!!! See ya bloggers later!!!

The school schedule #16STUBC

This is my Schedule in school. By Ash

  • We come in class from either the lobby (which I do, I do not ride the bus) or from our buses
  • We do either Qwertytown or STUBC
  • We go to Reading and do blogging
  • We go to specials. One special is music. We sometimes play the Bass Bars and we sit on the red rug. We do not have chairs! We sing holiday songs around the holiday times. Sometimes we play the glockenspiel or xylophone and we play songs like around whenever our music teacher thinks of a new sone that she wants us to play on either the glockenspiel or the xylophone or the bass bars as I said before. We each have parts, usually. We dance to songs and we also play a freeze game where music would be playing and we would freeze when our music teacher pauses the music. Another fun special is Gym. Gym is where we do physical activities and have lots of fun and do games with dodgeballs where there would be big mats standing up and some kids would hide behind it and then there is a few people in the middle who are throwing dodgeballs at you and if you get hit nothing happens and basically you keep running and hiding behind the mat things. Stem stands for science technology engineering math. Us 4th graders do stuff with series curcuits and that is where we work with 1 d-cell battery and we try basically to use it to light up 2 teeny tiny lightbulbs and then another special is library. We have chairs and we basically get books.
  • We go to science/social studies and sometimes do this thing called Second Step.
  • We go to lunch/recess
  • We go to math
  • During math we get to go outside to Break on the school playground and then we play outside.
  • 15 min. later of math we go to our homerooms and pack up to go home.
  • We go home in either bus or car. I go in car.

Monkey Service Helpers #16STUBC by Ash

Monkey Helpers

                                   By: Ash and Joe

Monkey helpers can do things like:  Picking things up that are drop, opening bottles of water, pushing buttons on a keyboard or phone repositioning limbs on a wheelchair turning pages in a book. Monkey helpers also help people get their food from the fridge. Since they do that they get in a bond Monkey helpers are trained in a place called Helping Hands Abilities Expo in Boston.         

 They are trained to do really good things like help people with disabilities.  So then they can do it for them.  These monkeys are so important that they cost $40,000. In order to have a monkey in your home, you must have either no kids, but they have to be over 12 to live with the monkey too.with the person and just get trained to do those things.  The monkeys go in home enviroment, not in public places like grocery stores. You never know what they could do in public…

Cheesesqueak Part 1: The Short Part

Cheesesqueak Part One

                                 The Short Story By: Ashlyn

There is a little cage with a lot of mice in a pet store called PetSmiles, and there is a mouse that Billy, the little kid who lives next to the pet shop, and he is the 2nd grader who likes to help out in his dad’s friend’s dad’s brother’s wife’s friend’s wife’s husband’s pet shop. So yeah, and so as I said before, the pet shop’s name is PetSmiles, and like so Cheesesqueak was running all over the place. One day he ran out of his cage and out of the pet shop doors. “Cheesesqueak! No!” But Cheesesqueak already crossed the street.  “Eek! I am getting spun around! This cannot be good!” Cheesesqueak said. Then Cheesesqueak got caught in a cage. To be continued in Cheesesqueak Part 2…       

The Drills We Do in Our School #STUBC2016

The Drills We Do In Our School


  1. The Fire Drill: When we get told that we are going to have a fire drill, that means that we need to turn out the lights and go out the classroom door, the one that leads to the playground, and then we line up by homeroom class and then we line up in our homeroom as I said and then we go to the basketball court on the playground blacktop stuff by the field away from the building kind of and then we are quiet and listen for our name to be called by our teacher and then after like 10, 15 minutes we go back inside and that is basically all there is to the fire drill. Red alert -[ HMM ]-(image from compfight)
  2. The Weather Drill: The weather drill is not too scary and I do not know how many times we do it a year and it is the time of year when Mr. McCaskey, our school principal, and then I am pretty sure that the 4th and 5th and 6th grades are all supposed to go in the bathrooms and scrunch in the bathroom stalls. Why are we gonna do this maybe in our world? Question everythingimage from compfight
  3. The Intruder Drill: My Favorite: The Intruder Drill is the time of the world which is totally awesome because it is literally like you can hide in the cubbies and then all the lights are turned off and then the police know about it and then they walk around the school checking if there is any classroom that does not have the door bolted and then if they do not then they just tell the teacher at the end and yeah and I am pretty sure we do that once a month. And really, for me it is not to scary at all and I actually think that it is actually really pretty cool.ninja2image from compfight

The Fox Cinquain

The Fox



slick and sly

hunting, hiding and running

always playing with their friends


(image from compfight)

Fox - Explored :-)