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Sadie’s Adventures Part 3 or 4

Sadie’s Adventures by Saydoth Wanda Graham

Book 3

February 19th, Monday

9:56 in the morning

Chapter 1: The Goings On

Ash already left with Mom to go to work and school. That only leaves ME with the unusual DAD! No! Now my day would be horrible when a puppy just wants to stay home and watch the construction over at Wildflower Ridge. But instead, I have to try and fake that I’m sleeping and bite Dad and bark at his coat. It’s practically the exact precise same way whenever Dominic is home after school at around 3:00. He just screams at me, goes to the bathroom, ain’t wanna take ME out, and of course, play Fortnite or The Crew Calling All Units with his friends, Gavin and Brandon. The sad part is that I am happy to see him, but obviously he’s never excited to see me. Which is so unfair.

Chapter 2: Sleep!
I am free writing this as a dog to practically say that this is America, and I should not be disturbed by my father or brother when I am making these writing thingys and also when I am trying to sleep. I always bark if someone is annoying me, but it’s not really like that’s gonna help. It’s just that these odd humans think it’s cute when I try to annoy them! What the heck, people? And yet, I am writing to you people.

Chapter 3: Konga

I wish I could do my Kong, also known as The Konga, to the humans here in Fairville Heights, and most people think it is hilarious if I growl at them. “Hey people!” I usually bark. “I’m ONLY growling at you peoples because I am eating Peanut Butter! Duh! What do ya think, peoples?!” I yap all the time.

Chapter 4: GTG
Sorry, but I am getting disrupted right now by Dad and he is annoying me so sorry but I got to go.

Also, one more thing: Another Meepland series is coming up! It’s about Mip.

Cat Notes by Roki the Kitten

Cat Notes by Ashlyn Graham

Day 1

3:00 AM Hey! It’s me, Roki the kitten! Right now, I am playing with my toy mouse, Squeaky.

3:02 AM Basically, now I need to eat my food.

But now I am seeing a creepy guy who looks like a creepy clown holding a red balloon and a knife. Cat lifes are odd. These cat books are probably gonna be short, but it’s not like they’re scary. Imagine yourself by PENNYWISE THE CLOWN! Right next to him were a rake man and a scary rake dog! I fled up to my owner’s room. I slept on their bed until the scratching and the popping of the balloon and the scary bark of the dog would stop. I slept for the rest of the day like that.

Hi again people

Hi peoples. Can you please give me ideas for stories? Thanks!