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Rebble and the Pebble

One day there was a meerkat named Rebble

Who found a pebble

Showed it to her bat friend

Then the cat

Then there was no more pebble.

High Fives

By Ashlyn & Joe

                                                      High 5’s

        High Fives are blue paper with a hand on it. We get them from the teachers and lunch monitors.   You can go to the high five store and get different things at the store like pencils.  We earn them from being responsible and always trying and stuff. We get them from any adult in the building for doing the right thing like being respectful to others in the building.  There is a line for the teacher that gave it to you so you know and a line for your name.




The Mouse


Jake was a hungry little mouse.


Who lived in a very small house


And found a pear


And grew some hair


And then he started to work at the crouse