Global Goal 6: Clean Water And Sanitation: Why Is It Important And Why Does It Matter?

Clean water and sanitation is global goal 6. Basically, what it is, is having clean water to drink and use. For example, we use shower and sink water-that is clean and sterile water. And so is drinking water. Clean water is not sewer water, it’s just the water we drink and use. Clean, sterile water is very important in our lives so we don’t get sick or even perish or something. Basically we need to not pollute water or anything. Literally, people do pollute them. And we can clean and purify that one day. We need to help solve this problem because if we do not, then we will not have any water to drink one day. This is what clean water and sanitation is and why it matters-we need it, because it is essential for us to live. And people today don’t really preserve it that good. So we should probably help to clean it or else we won’t really be making the world a better place to be at. Overall, clean water and sanitation does obviously matter for us to be alive.

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