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Why did the Prince Be a Horned Toad?

September 23, 2000                                                                                                                                   Ashlyn

Dear Wynter,

A few weeks ago I was riding my horse and then went where I wasn’t supposed to really go. Then I saw this big fat old vulture. Then the breeze made my brand new hat fly off my head because the vulture made it so that there was a wind. Then I was really sad. Then I saw a horned lizard. He asked me why I had a sad face. I told him that my brand-new hat flew down the boring lame old well. Then he told me he would go down there and get it for me ONLY IF I let him eat some chili, have me do a song on my guitar, and let him sleep in my hat. I agreed, and I sped home on my horse. He was waddling after me and trying to ride on my horse. Then I got back to my house and then I sat on a couch and then snuggled my stuffed cheetah. Then I heard a tapping at the door. I opened it up, then I saw the lizard. He took one step in the door, and I slammed the door right in his face. Then I sat down again, petting my stuffed cheetah but this time, I was under the table. My dad went to the door and then he saw the horned toad. “Well you look like a hungry little thing! Do you want some chili? Why are you here?” said my dad. “Because of a deal I made with Reba Jo.” said the lizard. “Is this true, Reba Jo?” I said yes and that I didn’t want him to sleep in my hat or eat my chili but I would play my guitar. Then as he ate the chili, I thought that I would just do it. Then when he was done, I played a nice long song for him. Then he asked for something which was way off of the name of the paw. And I hated what he asked me. He asked for me to actually kiss him before he went to sleep in my hat. I had a plan. “Pucker up, lizard lips.” I said to him. It’s a good thing my dad wasn’t in the room. So the second before I kissed him, he turned into a disgusting ugly prince. “Sup, Reba Jo?” he said. “Um, who are you?” I asked. “I am Prince Maximillian Jose Diego Lopez de Espana.” he said. “Whoa, how did this happen?” I asked. “Many, many many years ago when I came to this country, I offended the great spirit of the arroyo. The spirit put a spell on me and turned me into a horned toad. For many years I’ve been waiting for a cowgirl like you to break the spell. Muchas gracias for my freedom, Reba Jo. Now I’ll be leaving as I promised.” the ugly prince said. “Now hold on for just a dadburn minute.” I said. “I recollect my daddy reading me a story where something like this happened. Aren’t we supposed to get hitched and ride off into the sunset?” I asked annoyed and hopefully not going to go with him. “I am sorry, Reba Jo, when you strike a bargain in these parts, a deal’s a deal.” he replied. I was so happy he said no.


                                                                                                                                      Reba Jo

The Banks of Cherry Ocean

                  The Banks of Cherry Ocean


                                  By  Ashlyn and Joe


One day Linda woke up and woke her sister, Isabel up. They quickly ate their breakfast. Then, they were allowed to play outside by the stream. They waded in and then they were swimming around having lots of fun. Linda said, “Hey! Let’s play swim tag!” Then Isabel said, “Ok. Let me get some berries to have for a minute. Then I will, ok Lucille?”


   Then she grabbed ahold of a long piece of grass. Or so she thought it was grass. She pulled on it. Then she heard something squeak. She pulled, so it squeaked again.Then pull, squeak, pull, squeak. “Hey Lucille! This stuff squeaks. We should make squeaky necklaces and bracelets! We will look perfection. This is fun!” said Isabel. “Oh, wow! We invented something! This is great!” “Hey! HEY! They never made this kinda stuff before!


This rocks! We actually invented something!” Then their dad promised them that he and their mom would take them to the ocean. The ocean was awesome. They had to go there someday. Then their dad said the next day, “Why don’t we take Linda and Isabel to the ocean today? It’s only a five-minute walk. I’m sure they will like it and they will come here by themselves once Isabel is old enough.” “Hey! That’s mean. That is not fair that Linda gets to go to the lake.” said Isabel. Then Linda said, “It’s a ocean, not a lake.” in a sort of rude way. Isabel was angry at her. She started to eat scrambled eggs. “MMM MMM! These eggs are good!” “Oh, why don’t you just be quiet? You always eat the eggs and I never do.’’ Linda said. “Oh, girls. Why don’t we get more chickens to get more eggs so that in all of the plan you BOTH get a meal’s worth of scrambled eggs? That is a good idea.” The girls agreed. “Okay, the deal is on. We need more salt and pepper. I will go to the chickens, too. I will also bring you two a little present. You will like it. Bye people.” said their dad. He went to go shopping. A mom thing, right? You will never guess what their present was. It was a blue macaw. Isabel got a girl macaw named Jewel. Linda’s macaw was named Blu. But Blu can’t fly but Jewel can.


             But Linda wants to train Blu to try to fly.So then she starts training him and it is going good but he still can’t do it. She STILL is trying to train him.She has been training   him for like a month then he FINALLY GOT IT.   The reward, they went to the Cherry Ocean and had a lot of fun. The End!

My Awesome Goals for 4th Grade

My goal is to get my clarinet and band book faster from the band room. Also to basically get my lunchbox closed and throw out my trash and also to be better at math and play 4 Square with Wynn so she plays something with me. Also to actually even do something with someone at recess and to remember to put my purple water bottle with my lunchbox in the lunch bin thingy where you gotta put your lunchbox if you packed but I never remember my water bottle so then I am thirsty at lunch and also I am hot from sitting outside in the boring hot sun. Also Miss Wallace told me that she thought I should take a walk outside after school but I don’t think I can do that so I will try to fit it in with my clarinet practice and homework and reading. I hope I can accomplish these goals these years. All of them. Seriously. Well, that’s it and thanks for your time reading the goal of me. Bye people! If you like this thing that is good.

Hello world!

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