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*#The flood in Meepland by Ash#*

                                    One day there was a Meep called Meep.

                                    Meep lived in a little town called Meepland.

                                              He was the one who made it.

                                            First, he built a hut for himself.

                         Next, other Meeps moved into the Meephuts. They lived there.


Then, one day Meep was sitting in his Meephut, which now his Meepers made him a Meepcastle,                                               along with that they thought that he,                                              Meep, if he lived in a castle then he would need to be called Meepking. then he turned on his                                                                        MeepTV.

“I am sooooooooo bored.” Meep said. “MeepLive from Meepland, from today’s host Meeper. I just,                         literally JUST, this morning I read that Meepland is gonna be flooded 

                   very very very soon. Well that is gonna be hmm let’s see in 3 hours.                                            “Meh, Meepland is gonna be flooded. BLAGH! My coffee spilled!”


Meepking was scared. It took him a millisecond to make Meepland. Yeah I know right? Well at least                               it was 5:00 so at 8:00 he would have his land flooded.


Three hours later, FWOOSH! Meepking was laying in bed. “Gaah at least I live in a hill mansion castle meep thingy. But wait I gotta save my people.” So Meepking got all of his Meepers from their                   huts and they stood in his room watching their wooden huts get ruined.

    “Coming live from MeepTV. I hope you are watching, Meepking. You have to fix this place quick!”

Now the problem for them is they had the land flooded. Then a meeper called Mip came over. “Can                                                               we help?” Mip asked.

Meepking thought it is what his meepers want and he was a far king so he wanted to same them and give them what they want. Or else he would not get paid the meepmoney.

Oh well I guess that does not matter. He was helping the meepers build their huts into RAINBOW                                                      HUTS!!!!! They looked like clouds.

So they were happy that their king was helping to build their houses with his own money that the                                         meepers paid him so now everymeep is happy.

“If it was the most I could do I just did it.” Meepking said. He couldn’t do any more things for his                                                                      people.

So since before he always had one more thing that was better that the meepers had in the old version, Meepking decided to be fair and so he actually pays the meepers $20 a day. One day he gave $400,000,000,000,000,000 to each person in each hut.


                                          And you know what? The king’s money never ran out.


                                                                            The End

Biography Of My Perfect Dad!

  Biography Of My Perfect Dad

                                                                 By Ashlyn.


  A biography about Christian.



My dad’s accomplishments are like this:

                                                             Finally have a Cadillac.

       Has a awesome daughter which is MEEEEEEE! And a weird son which is my older brother.

Owned two dogs ever since the day they were bought when they were puppies to the day the first               one died and then the second.


My dad’s birthday is February 14th which was yesterday, today is the 15th as I am writing this, and yeah. He is now I think like 38 or something. But I am really not sure, he might be in his 20 years or 30 years or something. But as I said I have no idea.


My dad’s favorite animal is dog. He hates cats but I don’t know why. I am not sure he really likes my pet rabbit either.


My dad loves cars. He hates non-drivers

though, and whenever he comes across one he is always honking the horn and screaming.


My dad loves Heaters, if you are not part of the Graham family then you do not know what it is. A

heater, in his words, are a nice dogs.

Thanks for reading and bye!