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The Adventures of Sadie Part 2

Hi. I told you my next post was gonna be awesome! I got a new toy called Raccoon. I LOVE her! I also got a new KONG red Classic treat toy whatever they call it. And I got a “BUDDY’S HYDRANT” which is kind of like a KONG. It is a fire hydrant that is made for the same use as a KONG. And I got a yellow Nylabone binkie that is soft for teething puppies like me and it tastes like vanilla! I also got a 2-pack of Nylabones that were in the Chicken pack. That was good. I did not get one of them, though. I got the tan-more brown sugar colored Nylabone which has different patterns of dots and lines. Then, right smack in the middle of it, there’s a ring! Just maybe I guess as a new donut bone kinda look. There was another dark brown one but I did not get to try that one just yet. I got a harness. I do like the only thing that I am not wearing it just yet. It is the same brand and same color as my collar. I do not really mind my collar THAT much. I like when people throw Raccoon for me. Oh! And the hoops! Can’t forget the hoops! Okay. So it is 2 blue hoops with different textures on the left and the right. Then in the middle there is some kind of soft rope ring mix. Whatever they call it. It is awesome. Hey, now, I am going to post this post on my blog.

The Adventures of Sadie

I am sitting in my bed. I am gnawing on my rawhide bone. I put my paw in the hole part of my bone and lifted the bone and my paw up at the same time with my mouth. Urg why do I never get time to eat my yellow vanilla binkie Nylabone? I thought. I like that Nylabone. Like, you know, a really really really kind of like. Wait, did I just It tasted good. Hey, notice how I said “tasted”? Oh well you know because the day I got it last weekend on a Saturday when it was the 17th like I meant the Saturday last weekend, you know. Well that is what I did a little on the 17th and the next thing I will be posting is really cool!

Meepland 2 Uni and Mip and Meepking and Rackie Raccoon’s Adventure!

Meepland 2
By: Ash G.
Meepking was laying in bed. Then he heard a knock on the door at the bottom room. Which is the lobby. So then, see, he goes down there. Mip, one of his fellow meep friends, was there. “Meepking,” Mip said, “Meepland is flooded.” Mip shuddered. “Well how did you get here, Mip, if the rest of your family is at home?” Meepking asked. “Uh, well, I, uh, um, you see….” Mip said. Mip was very very very suspicious. And furthermore, he was wet. “Well, Mip,” Meepking said, looking around the room, “did you see anything?” “Yes, uh, I guess.” Mip then explained that he was walking by the Laffy Taffy shop in Wonka World (which is a thing that I do not even know if it had been made or something) and next after that he said that he saw someone in the hole in the side of the Candy Cave. Next Meepking went to the building, yes, that building that I am going to describe later. He stepped up to the doorstep of the new townhouse that had the millions of gargoyle statues and all that stuff. When you look through the curtains you could see a gazillion binoculars. There was one pair of glasses. You could see a whole bunch of unicorns in cages. Like those big tiger cages that you see whenever you go to the zoo. Meepking went up to the doorstep and rang the gargoyle’s ring in its nose. “Wait are you sure that this is the right place?” Meepking asked Mip. They were like thinking oh no but well too bad ’cause Uni answered the door and said, “Unilyn Unicorn, P.I. Service. If you need a serious case, I will bring a magic wand with me.” Yeah you would think since it is Meepking’s sister’s pet that he’d know where it is.”Huh, yeah all right. I have been coming here for days ever since that thing happened.” Mip explained. Meepking asked his trusty sister to come and help. Yes his sister was a unicorn, but she could help. She has a horn that can do anything (except come off because then she’d be a donkey.) Then Uni helped look. When they got to Wonka World, they saw the cave. “C’mon, guys, ride on my back.” Then they found the culprit. It was Willy Wonka. I will tell you how they found him. They opened Wonka World by calling all the workers in. After that, they turned on the Candy Cave and they went on the haunted scary roller coaster. It was really meant to be a haunted roller coaster, because that was their haunted meant-to-be ride. You know, the one where it is like there is pipes in a middle of a mountain. That is what it is. Uni said, “Ya know, I wanna go back to the HQ.” Uni was gonna call her helpers. “Wait do any of you guys have any kind of weird phone?” Uni asked. Obviously Mip had his iPod. “But wait I have a thing uh a horn to call my sidekick.” Uni replied. She dialed the number. “Okay, lemme remember… Oh yeah it is 173-542-5776.” Right, duh Uni. She called her sidekick. Rackie Raccoon came. “Okay so I just got the ride all on and stuff,” Rackie said. The worker turned on a blacklight on Rackie’s helmet and on the Chocolate Boat. Rackie was steering it. As they were in the boat, they looked at the sidewalk and then there was a tall guy in a black coat. Man that guy was tall he was 8.9 feet tall. ZOO-WEE-MAMA! They caught him and he was Willy Wonka. “Willy Wonka why did you do that?” Unilyn asked. Willy Wonka was like sorry I was cleaning up the water mess. But he wasn’t. The end! Watch for the Meepland 3: Mip’s School Adventures but not really adventures!

The Epic Odie Story! Story 1

                        The Epic Story!

Oh it was such a boring rainy day yes it was, and me and Wynter sat inside looking out at the pouring water. Indoor recess was so so so boring, and I just had to tell Jon that he should just take me out of Show and Tell day.

                                                                                                                                                                                          And I could contact Liz to see if she could look at me for the nauseousness of me. “Well I am sorry Odie, but maybe you had to be in this Garfield costume just because I do not know.”


Wynter said. I wish Garfield was here instead of me because he is probably at home just doing his evil laugh that he just ate my food and that he had harassed Miss Feenie again.


So then I took out the teacher’s phone because she was at her lunch, and I texted Jon from there. I said “Help this is Odie get me out of here I am gonna die.” So then Wynter saw me as I pressed the Send button.  “Noooooo Odie nooooooo stop is there a way to unsend the text?” I nodded my head yes and then I deleted the text. But it was too late. Jon had already came to get me.  YAAAAY.

So when we were in the car for the ride home, I almost threw up because Garfield said he licked my food bowl. So then I took Jon’s phone out of his pocket and then I texted Liz. This is what I texted her: Hi this is Odie and I need to go to the vet because I am sick.

But hold up! This wasn’t convincing enough. I had to type a different text so I am glad I hit Delete. So because how could a vet believe that a dog can text? Here is what I am saying in this text: Hi Liz! Odie seems sick and also wanna go on a date tonight?
Yay! I hit Send! I did it! But I just had set up a date for Liz and Jon. Oops! Liz texted back! Well here is what she said: Sure I will go on a date with you! I’d love to! Where do you want to go? You can bring Odie at 5:00. Is that a good time?

Then I put the phone back in Jon’s pocket. Then when Jon heard a beep he looked at the phone. The time right now is 5;00. Yay vet time. So when Jon texted back, this is what HE said: Great can we go to Vito’s?

This is what Liz said: Sure let’s get Odie done and then the dinner.

So then when we got to the vet. I was like gaaaah but then I realized that Liz checked me out and she found out that I did not drink water all day. She gave me a bowl of water and I slurped it up. Then me and Garfield and Liz and Jon went to the food place. Yummy. I got spaghetti and meatballs.  You will never believe who walked in the door that moment. Nobody! Because if somebody walked in the door than THAT would hurt. But you’ll never believe who walked into the doorway that moment. I am not telling you. Okay, okay, I’ll tell you. But you have to read the next story! So ha ha.

What my week was last week by Ash G.

So hi peoples this was the last week. Last week what I did is on Sunday I basically did Mario Kart Wii. Then on Monday we had school. Before and after school I did Mario Kart Wii. Then on Tuesday we had off school yippee kaye yay. I did Mario Kart Wii. Then on Wendesday we had off school yippee kaye yay. I did Mario Kart Wii. Then on Thursday we had two hour delay. Yippee kaye yay more Mario Kart Wii for me. Then on Friday we basically had to go to the devil’s lair aka school


Yippee oh yay there is the awesome weekend called the Saturday. I got a new pj set from Children’s Place in Park City Mall. It says “Please Donut Disturb” and in the middle of Donut and Disturb there is a picture of a donut. Yummy! I got a new memory foam pillow from JCPenney’s. I figured I might see how it would look on my dog. But she is  Then we went to Petsmart. We got my personal pet dog those delicious (Yes I tried them) Milk Bone Gravy things for my dog’s JW ball she had from my dog I used to have. Yummy. There was these flavors: 1. Meat. 2. Chicken. 3. Bacon. 4. Liver. Okay eww now who wants to eat Liver?! It is animal’s organs btw. Well in my next post I am gonna keep you guys updated in some new fun stories, including Meepland 2!